App can alert consumers to choose ethical apparel fashion brands

Md Masudur Rahman       
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‘Not my style’ is a London based iPhone app that tells consumers about the transparency of their favorite fashion brands to make their ethical shopping decision. It helps the shoppers to get what they want. It also helps garments factory workers to know what they deserve.

Now a day’s people want to see new fashion clothe weekly to the shelves of the shop. Therefore, brands have started focusing on cheap garments with short lead-time in sweatshops to meet their current demand. That introduces fast fashion.

According to the Not My Style, there are around 40 million garment workers, most of them are women in the developing world. Everyday new brand, new style is wanted but it is about the workers, supply chain and their choices. This all is possible thorough Not my style app.

How the app works?

When someone out of shopping & facing immediate choice, leading industry research like how the workers are treated in their supply chain Not My Style distills all this into a simple ranking, on a slick, stylish app that make you inform about your choice and ensure your style matches.

Figure: Showing how the app alerts consumers to choose ethical apparel fashion brands.
Figure: Showing how the app alerts consumers to choose ethical apparel fashion brands.

Each brand and retailer is provided one of three ratings -SHOP, THINK or STOP. Brands that fall in the “SHOP” category share the most compliance information of their supply chain, while brands that receive a “STOP” rating are disclosing the least amount of compliance information, the least transparent about working conditions.

The app has a GPS map with stores nearby and filters to allow for a customized screen by things like price, favorites, green ratings etc. With its seamless integration into social media allows users to take an action if they want to do more than shop.

Not My Style rated over 100 UK high street stores on their consumer facing transparency and other stories with other top brands like G-STAR RAW, GAP, H&M, PRIMARK, UNIQLO and ZARA are ranked on top and AMERICAN APPAREL, DIESEL and VINCE are ranked among the least visible.

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