Application of textile testing equipment in garments industry

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The next time you go shopping for any kind of clothing, take a closer look at the fabric contained in that garment. Believe it or not, there are several standards and tests that the textiles went through before reaching the rack at the store you are shopping in. In fact, any kind of product that contains fabric of has been tested in one way or other.

Market research published by the firm Technavio points to growth expected to continue into 2021 in the global textile testing equipment market. Here are a few of the findings:

  1. Asia-Pacific leads the pack

In textile manufacturing APAC holds the largest market share. As a result, textile testing equipment such as bursting strength testers and permeability testers are in great demand in manufacturing countries including Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Vietnam and China. China is actually the largest textile exporter and consumer on the planet. Add to that the extensive production capacity present in China and it doesn’t take much to see that textile testing equipment has a huge demand. The Martindale abrasion tester and Elmendorf tear tester are two such pieces of equipment vital to the quality and production of textiles in China.

Figure 1: Demand of textile testing equipment is on the rise.
Figure 1: Demand of textile testing equipment is on the rise.
  1. Europe is also number one

Over the past decade or so, the Technavio survey shows Europe to lead the world in the exportation of textile testing equipment. Germany, in particular, has shown huge strides in setting the pace for sales of non-woven and textile fabric machinery. This has been set in motion thanks to the demand of manufacturers seeking contemporary tools to create high quality products. As a result, textile testing equipment from this region holds the standard of having the most accuracy and the highest performance values available in the marketplace. It speaks volumes for the increasing demand for textile testing equipment due to an explosive demand for textile and clothing exports.

  1. Then there’s the rest of the world

With the United States as the major consumer and producer of textile products in the Americas, demand for textile testing equipment is expected to continue to increase. Research shows that with an increase in the exports of textile industry raw materials, garments and apparel, textile testing equipment will be required. Elsewhere in the world, Africa will see a rebirth of their textile industry over the next few years as a result of government initiatives. The African Growth and Opportunity Act is being cited as a driving force in the rebuilding phase.

What’s it all mean?

Well, for starters, it’s comforting to know that products we buy from clothing stores actually goes through a testing program. It’s also good to know that the research released by Technavio points to an increase in activity in the textiles industry throughout the world. It means that for textile testing equipment companies there should be no shortage of business well into the next decade. The survey forecasts an increase in the textile testing equipment market of close to 2-percent in the period 2017-2021.

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