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ARC ensures chrome free emulsions for screen printing

Both Kissel + Wolf GmbH were founded in 1893 in Germany and it was 125th anniversary for the company that they proudly celebrated it last year. Kissel + Wolf provides solutions in the fields of printing form chemistry (screen and textile printing), adhesives, cleaning agents, resists and coatings as well as services for product development and custom manufacturing. It also oriented itself to fulfill the demands of the market using the synergy of three branches of industry: screen printing, textile printing and adhesives.

Dirk Oelschläger, Kissel + Wolf GmbH
Figure1: Dirk Oelschläger, Technical Sales Manager at Kissel + Wolf GmbH.

Dirk Oelschläger, Technical Sales Manager at Kissel + Wolf GmbH for the brands ULANO, KIWO, ARC visited Bangladesh recently for its market promotion. He is responsible for sales and technical support of the incorporated brands in Africa, the Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, and parts of Europe.

He is an experienced chemical engineer with many years of international sales activities for complex industrial products. Textile Today had a conversation with him related to chemical business and to get a market overview in the RMG sector.

Textile Today: How many brands and what product ranges are Kissel + Wolf offers? 

Dirk Oelschläger: Since the company was founded in 1893 and acquired by the Eisenbeiss family in 1956, tradition and innovation have gone with importance in the long term and global outlook. Kissel + Wolf GmbH is the mother company of the KIWO, ARC (Albert Rose Chemicals) and ULANO brands. Each brand specializes to screen and textile printing and supplies chemical products to worldwide manufacturers. The brands are providing below a specific range of product –

KIWO is a leading manufacturer of chemical products for screen making and specialty adhesives. The product range for this brand includes screen making chemicals, emulsions, cleaners, adhesives and resists & coatings.

ARC is a name known worldwide to all successful textile printers for decades. The systematic chemistry of ARC stands for the safe and economic production of perfect textile rotary and flat screens.

ULANO manufactures and supplies a wide range of screen emulsions, related chemicals, masking and capillary films, indirect films and inkjet media.

Textile Today: What is the sustainability approach of ARC products?

Dirk Oelschläger: Chromium sensitizers are used to sensitize rotary emulsions for exposure and as a bonding enhancer for laser engraving. Because it is a genotoxic carcinogen, chromium (VI) and chromium-dichromate where listed relatively early on the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) candidates list as ‘Substances of Very High Concern: (SHVC)’ in the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction and Chemicals (REACH) regulations.

For this reason, from September 2017, without prior authorization, no more products can be manufactured, which contain chromium (VI) or requiring this hazardous material for application and processing by a customer.

So, to provide the chrome free product in the market was the biggest challenge and the greatest approach to sustainability. We have below specialized produce that no chrome exists –

  • Chrome free emulsions for rotary screen printing,
  • Chrome free emulsions for flat-bed screen printing,
  • Adhesives for flat-bed frame and rotary end rings & retouching
ARC complete solution screen printing
Figure 2: ARC presents a complete solution of screen printing, textile printing and adhesives.

Textile Today: What is the specification ARC offers in its product?

Dirk Oelschläger: We believe, doing business means taking the responsibility for hazardous and non-hazardous issues in the product and to practice the correct technical methods. Thus, for years we have placed great importance on environmentally friendly product and production processes. We ensure below product specification –

  • Chrome free sensitizing
  • Ingredients comply with REACH regulation, ensuring future availability
  • Lower workplace risk and less environmental pollution
  • Longer storage stability of sensitized emulsions
  • Suitable for dip and double squeegee coating
  • Stock coating possible
  • Good printing resistance

Textile Today: Please share with us about the R&D process and the innovation of ARC?

Dirk Oelschläger: We have to reach Application Laboratory to meet the growing demands and requirements of our customers. Therefore, Kissel + Wolf GmbH has invested in new machines to enrich Applications Laboratory as well as to be optimally prepared for the future. Our advanced technical know-how is combined with high-quality raw materials. So we brought numerous innovations to the market and influenced the entire industry.

Around 15 % of our employees work in these areas, which means we remain globally competitive and innovative.

ARC factory
Figure 3: ARC products are produced with trusted quality and consistency. An overview of factory premises.

Textile Today: What is ARC’s biggest strengths?

Dirk Oelschläger: Our name stands for performance, competence and reliability because we have depth knowledge of industries, markets and current technologies. Our greatest strengths lie in our experience, future vision and staying in touch with people and industry.

Textile Today: What customer relationship ARC maintains to expand in the new market?

Dirk Oelschläger: We keep dialog with our customers across the globe, who expressed their experience with thousands of application techniques and this is one of the keys to our success. That’s why review and input from customer becomes an important ingredient in our product development. So product care – including the systematic improvement of products – is of the utmost importance at Kissel + Wolf.

Textile Today: How do you see the Bangladesh market to be the most prospective for your company?

Dirk Oelschläger: Bangladesh is one of the biggest apparel exports in the world. So, we always see this market as most pretention for our business. We know the global downturn trend in the apparel market may affect our business as well including Bangladesh, but it will not be a continuous downturn for all time.

After a certain period of time, I believe the downturn tendency will over and the growth level will move from the highest pick to general growth level. That means the market will be slow but will remain and exist in stable growth.  But the growth will never as a previous period of time.

Textile Today: How does ARC do brand marketing and distribution in Bangladesh?

Dirk Oelschläger: Our sole distributor in Bangladesh is the Well-Chem Enterprise which is a division of Zhan-Tex Pvt Co. Ltd. Corporate Office: House-14, Road-13, Sector-4, Uttara, and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Well-Chem Enterprise is providing all the local support on behalf of ARC for a comprehensive technical solution.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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