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Archroma to boost denim inspiration at Colombiatex 2019

Archroma will be presenting its innovative and sustainable solutions for denim and casual wear manufacturers and brands at Colombiatex 2019, from 22-24 January.

Archroma boost denim at Colombiatex 2019
Figure: Archroma to showcase color And effects designed to boost denim inspiration at Colombiatex 2019.

As a leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, Archroma offers to textile manufacturers and brand owners the tailor-made system solutions from fiber to finish.

“At Archroma, we continuously challenge the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable”, commented John Florez, Head of Sales, Brand & Performance Textile Specialties, Archroma, Colombia.

Florez further expressed, “We aim to offer solutions that we design in ‘The Archroma Way’: safe, efficient and enhanced because it is our nature. That is exactly what was driving us when we decided to create the purest indigo on the market: the aniline-free Denisol Pure Indigo, or Advanced Denim as our technology based on sulfur dyes aiming at waterless dyeing.”

According to a press release, at the fair, Archroma will present both its most established and innovative technologies to create authentic denim looks in a more sustainable and responsible way. Now let’s see what will be showcased by them.

At Archroma, we continuously challenge the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable.

John Florez, Head of Sales, Brand & Performance Textile Specialties, Archroma, Colombia

Denisol – now aniline-free

Archroma’s Denisol range is a newly developed pre-reduced liquid indigo solution that is manufactured in Archroma’s award-winning zero liquid discharge manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Denisol Indigo 30 liq is compliant with major official eco-standards and requirements from retailers, brands and fashion leading companies and helps to produce fabrics suitable for current eco-labeling such as bluesign®, GOTS, and C2C.

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Responding to demands for a non-toxic alternative to the dyes that are used for the iconic and traditional indigo blue that consumers associate with denim and jeans, Archroma just announced the new aniline-free Denisol Pure Indigo 30, which can be used together with Archroma’s dyeing auxiliaries for customized dyeing system solutions.

Towards waterless denim dyeing

Based on the Denim-Ox and Pad/Sizing-Ox dyeing processes, Archroma’s awarded Advanced Denim dyeing technology, based on Diresul RDT blue specialties, is said to allow savings of up to 92% in water, 87% in cotton waste and 30% in energy, compared to a conventional denim dyeing process.

The technology has been adopted by prestigious brands including Patagonia and received the prestigious 2012 ICIS Innovation Award and Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit Award.

Diresul RDT Ocean Blues

Archroma’s Diresul® RDT Ocean Blues are a collection of vibrant, ocean-themed bright sulfur blue dyes. These unique dyes and their auxiliaries bring out the best of indigo, improve workability, dyeing consistency and process safety. They can be combined with the Denisol® Indigo range in bottoming/topping manufacturing routes – to create exciting avant-garde blue styles, said a release.

Diresul® Fast Black RDT

According to the press release, Archroma’s latest black innovation, Diresul® Fast Black RDT is an exclusive sulfur black dyestuff technology that is fast to chlorine and resistant to the strong oxidative agents applied on home laundry. They can be combined with Diresul® Navy RDT blue specialties and Archroma fixation agents, to create denim that is dark and stays dark.

Arkofix formaldehyde-free resins

Archroma’s range of formaldehyde-free resins can be used in 3D effects resistant to chlorine washing to create wrinkle textures – for genuine denim looks without color variation.

In addition, visitors at the booth Stand AM148 at Colombiatex will have the exclusive chance to see the company’s Denim Book, which includes 200 yarn swatches displaying the multitude of colors and effects that can be achieved with Archroma system solutions. The book is organized in four inspiration themes: Back & Beyond Blue, Revolution in Blue, Black & Grey Denim, and Colors for denim.

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