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Archroma and Montega Italy join hands to help enhance the standards of Pakistan’s garment industry

Archroma, is one of the global leaders in color and specialty chemicals, and Montega S.r.l., Italy, (Montega) has decades of rich experience in developing the most recent fashion trends with its high standard chemical treatments, announced a collaboration aimed at supporting the fast-growing garment and apparel industry in Pakistan, mainly in the denim segment. Their joint efforts will focus on fostering excellence in the finishing of textile garments.

For garments and fabrics, Montega offers solutions in finishing effects, enzymatic products, bio-polishing, bio-finishing and specialty products for indigo dyes, proteinaceous fibers such as wool and silk, and garment washing and/ laundry. All applications are geared toward environmental sustainability.


The company reported “We, at Archroma offers a wide range of brand and textile specialty chemicals that caters to the local industry in Pakistan for both its internal and export markets. The company’s expert team provides innovative solutions to its customers, tailored to their individual requirements”.


Now, Archroma will represent Montega in marketing their products in Pakistan. Their partnership between the two firms will provide a unique synergy of combined expertise, reliability and commitment to environmental sustainability, especially toward the reduction of water usage and the emission of greenhouse gases during textile finishing processes.


Mujtaba Rahim, CEO of Archroma Pakistan, commented that “We, at Archroma, believe in continuous improvement and challenging the status quo to make our industry sustainable. We have dedicated ourselves to bringing innovation in our product lines and to closely partnering with like-minded organizations to build industrial rapport. Through this initiative of joining hands with Montega, we will be able to share latest R&D developments with the textile industry in Pakistan, and help grow Pakistan’s contribution in the global textile arena.”

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