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ATET new committee takes charge with new hope

The Association of Textile Engineers & Technologists (ATET), a national association for the Textile Engineers and Technologist of Bangladesh, was officially founded in 2012. Recently a new ATET committee has been announced on 10 August 2018. Where Engr. Md. Aminul Islam, Managing Director of Dara Technology (BD) Limited, was declared as the President for the 3rd term for next two years.

ATET new committee takes charge with new hope
Figure : (From right) Newly elected ATET President Engr. Md. Aminul Islam, Secretary General Engr. Md. Jamal Chowdhury Shohagh and Organizing Secretary Engr. S.M. Shohel Rana.

Md. Jamal Chowdhury Sohagh and S. M. Shohel Rana were declared respectively as the Secretary-General and Organizing Secretary.

ATET has been working for the progress of the Textile Engineers who are the core of the Textile Industry which include Spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, garment factory, and buying house.

“The community, who are giving full support to the textile industry in Bangladesh to achieve the position of 2nd largest garment exporter in the world are not properly honored and well recognized by the Government of Bangladesh till today,” ATET  new executive committee said this while exchanging their views with Textile Today.

ATET with their strength of the association wants to highlight the problems of the Textile Engineers to the Government of Bangladesh.

One of the main objectives of ATET is to provide collective effort to develop the skills of the Textile Engineers as well as to strengthen the bond among the members. They also want to develop the soft skills of the Textile Engineers which will enable them to give full support to the textile industry when they will be in the managerial position. ATET wants to establish a Training Institute to develop the soft and factory skills of the textile professionals and the new committee will start within next 6 months.

They opined that a number of foreign experts are taking away a lot of money illegally without proper taxation. The government should give a well-focused eye to this area and encourage local textile engineers to avail these positions and support the industry effectively.

“We don’t want to discourage the engagement of the foreign experts fully but we want to reduce the engagement and at the same time we want to engage local textile engineers to avail those positions gradually. Local Textile Engineers are efficient enough to cover these areas effectively,” they opined.

ATET thinks the salary scale of the textile engineers is not fixed or honorable at all. There should be a standard salary scale for the textile engineers in the industry. The working hours are not fixed and even they have to work on EID holidays.

“The government and concerned people should consider these matters to give minimum facilities to the textile engineers who are working with full dedication from the very beginning of the industry,” they emphasized.

ATET wants the decentralization of the education system so that there should not be any discrepancies. Till today there are many discrepancies in the government jobs for the textile engineers.

ATET will go ahead along with ITET to establish the rights of the textile engineers of Bangladesh and to develop the textile sector of the same, they added.

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