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Auko-Tex print, the perfect match of man-machine and design

In the present competitive market, no one can survive without the value addition in the product. Print and other applications are most significant to add value. Auko-Tex Group has strong design and R&D team as well as modern print machinery that pursue to add value to the different product category.

Auko-Tex Graphic design studio
Figure 1: Graphic designers are working in studio that opens up the creative mindset.

Textile Today team had a visit to the print factory and found most interesting keynote success story and had a comprehensive conversation with the print concern: how they work and plan to overcome upcoming challenges.

Strong team for graphic design

To stand in line with up to date trends of design and fashion Auko-Tex Group has built a strong design team that can create the most amazing art and sketches for foreign customers.

The design team works closely and keep their observation on the upcoming trend for next season. They contrive new design and exhibit ideas at the beginning of each season and put forward them to the buyer during price negotiations.

This helps Auko-Tex to get a special advantage in time of negotiation over the competitor.

How design team works

The members of the design team that graduated from the fashion institute periodically attend the international fairs and exhibitions to explore and exchange ideas from the world-famous designers in the global platform.

In combination with hand sketch and digital graphs, designers illustrate and portray the most popular sessional theme. They align the trends from the global fashion line perfectly and so the foreign customers never think the design out of season or don’t feel out of date. This design combination has a maximum success rate in terms of buyer’s acceptance of more than 60% in the year 2018.

Graphic designers obtained 60% hit rate 2018
Figure 2: Graphic designers obtained a 60% hit rate in 2018.

“We have a look to discover the ideas and to grab the maximum interest of the buyers. So, we have the biggest success hit rate of our design in the customer’s selection,” said Safiul Alam Rasell Asst. Manager, Design & Development Dept, who has been working at Auko-Tex for last three years.

Generally, the design team make several designs as options and provide them to the buyer to select. Then with necessary correction when buyer select any design it becomes the customer’s unique stuff in the market. Off course, Auko-Tex gives the right of patent to buyer in exchange of order.

Print R&D works with design team

Print technique development is the major area to attract buyers and to store more order in the grip. Auko-Tex print R&D team develops new conception of technique with up-to-date chemical and the perfect blend of color that can attract customer.

“We have a look to discover the ideas and to grab the maximum interest of the buyers. So, we have the biggest success hit rate of our design in the customer’s selection.”

Safiul Alam Rasell Asst. Manager, Design & Development Dept, Auko-Tex

After development of new print technique, it goes to graphic designer’s desk for adapting the technique in the upcoming season. This combination of new print technique along with the unique graphic design can serve well and mounting the buyer’s choice.

Auko-Tex print factory

Technology is ever-changing so the combination of modern technology with the manual process can be added advantage and open up new opportunity. Because replacement of automation and abolishing the manual process completely from the production unit may not be wisely rather it can be chaotic sometimes.

So Auko-Tex categorizes the print and does them in manual process, semi-auto or in a fully automated machine to satisfy customer and to do maximum profit. The Print factory strictly maintains Oeko-Tex 100 standard in the production process.

Dye-sublimation printer

Auko-Tex always put emphasis on the adaptation of the newest technology in its print section. Digital printing machines are one of the initiatives that help Auko-Tex to stay ahead.

There are four Dye-sublimation printer machines that can produce 50000 pieces of garment per month. These sublimation print machines are engaged with cut panel garment pieces and allover print as per requirement. The design of the print obviously done by Auko-Tex team.

Auko-Tex Dye sublimation printer
Figure 3: Dye-sublimation printer can produce 70000 pieces of garment per month.

“We are doing maximum 80% of digital print that created by our designer,” said Md Mizanur Rahman Print Manager.

“Digital print can portray details of the image including high resolution of the picture along with delighted color. So, the trends of digital print that growing in the western country can possible to catch and we never miss the opportunity,” mentioned Rathindranath Adhikari, R&D Deputy Head.

Screen print automation

Print in manual process some time unable to perform desired quality. Particularly for screen print technique it creates a various print-shade problem and so customers show their anxiety for the bad output. Automation in screen print is the adhere step to get customer’s satisfaction as well as to boost up productivity.

Auko-Tex has 7 Octopus print machines that can produce 4-5 lac pieces of print in accordance with a number of colors.

Octopus print machines can produce accurate quality and never do various print shade while printing CMYK print technique.  These machines can provide better productivity and equal quality line as well as it also requires less operating hand in compare to manual process.

Auko-Tex Octopus machine
Figure 4: Operator is checking the print process in the Octopus machine.

“Those prints are in photographic quality we do them in our Octopus print machine and other normal print we prefer to do in the manual screen print process,” said Md Mizanur Rahman.

Manual screen print

Glass table for manual print has also huge capacity that can produce 10 lac pieces of garment per month along with automated process technique.

Computer-to-Screen (CTS) Imaging System

The computer-to-screen machine brings innovation to the screen-printing industry to improve workflow, reduce consumable costs, allows for substantially faster ‘on-press’ set-up time, ensures perfect image to image registration as well as improves print quality.

CTS machines do not use film; therefore, the cost of screen-printing film is eliminated. So Auko-Tex added Computer-to-Screen (CTS) Imaging System at their print section to faster up the process though it requires a big investment.

Waste management and recycle process

Print factory produces huge chemical waste and other workplace garbage that can be harmful in many ways for the environment. To minimize the hazardous issue there are some tools and standard Auko-Tex print follow –

  • Zero print chemical to waste: Print section along with Corporate Sustainability department formulated a standard that zero chemical waste will be produced by excess print chemical during production. So, the proportion of color preparation always made in accordance with the order quantity and never allows to waste any color. If remains any color print, it used for the non-branded cheap product.
  • Recycle of resource: Polyester monofilament mesh is the most widely used for screen printing mesh in textile but after one use generally the mash goes for dumping. In this regard the initiative for recycling of resources Auko-Tex always use the mash minimum 3 times by a special process. Wastewater directly goes to central Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to purify and reuse.

In conclusion, Auko-Tex print is the phenomenon to the best combination of man-machine and technology. The combination can provide best output and maximize the profit in the present crisis moment.

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