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Azgard-9 introduces photosynthesizing garment

Azgard-9, a Lahore-based denim producer has generated a bio-garmentry that can photosynthesize, which means it can produce oxygen. Additionally, this cloth has some antibacterial properties too. Azgard-9 is aimed at sustainable production options for fast fashion.

Figure: Azgard-9 is aimed at sustainable production options for fast fashion.

The apparel industry accounts for 10% of the global carbon emissions, which is the second largest of the key polluters. Fast fashion persuades the situation more dangerously. Each year the garments need to produce 80 million clothes which are 400% more than the production before 20 years ago. And this is why this industry is blamed for 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to the McKinsey report in 2018. Finding a solution is a crying need now.

The denim industry was looking for methods of reducing carbon emissions. But Azgard-9 is the first company fathering the oxygen-generating idea in place of carbon-negative production. Though the concept was first introduced by Canadian-Iranian designer Roya Aghighi in 2019. She used algae in the fabric that turns carbon dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis, just like a plant.

This material was more linen-like, while Azgard-9 is using the same technology in denim. They have used a membrane-bound polyamide in denim instead of living algae. This makes the fabric breathable, waterproof, and heat resistant. Also, the anti-bacterial and anti-viral characteristics of it knocked off the need for frequent home wash. A London-based design research studio, Post Carbon Lab collaborated with the Pakistani factory in search of such a sustainable alternative.

The poncho is still not showcased in the shop window, as it needs more R&D before marketing. But it can serve as the start of a new fashion era. In a statement the company has said, “[The prototype can] show fashion houses and retailers that concepts we once associated with sci-fi are available to us right here right now and can help us rethink the future, in a demonstration of possibilities that Azgrd-9’s technology might add to these brands.” Luxury brands like Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star Raw, and Gap are Azgard-9’s clientele. These brands are famous for their sustainable fashion provision.

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