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‘Balancing between sustainability and fashion is the crying need for the denim sector…’

Shasha Denims Limited (SDL) has started their glorious journey after the establishment in 1998 and now it is one of the finest and greenest denim fabric producers in Bangladesh. Over the years, the company has been researching sustainable technology which enables the company to produce top quality denim products. They are deemed as a top exporter from Bangladesh to the EU and Australian markets. Lately, Textile Today FT Research team met Jamal Abdun Naser, Director of Shasha Denims Limited. Through the conversation, many unknown stories came out.

Jamal Abdun Naser, Director of Shasha Denims Limited
Figure: Jamal Abdun Naser, Director of Shasha Denims Limited.

Textile Today: Shasha Denims Ltd. started its operation in 2000 with the latest sustainable technology and vision, please share us the sustainability story of Shasha.

Jamal Abdun Naser: 18 years back nobody bothers about sustainability but Shasha was born with the concept of sustainability having the most modern technology of that time. If you see the last span of time, the word ‘sustainability’ has come repeatedly in the denim sector.  The question may arise ‘why’.

My answer is, denim is a product where indigo and sulfur dyestuff is used to dye the warp yarn. Indigo is the single color in the world which has been ruling in the clothing world since the last 6000 years.  But like a coin, Indigo has also its two faces. One face is fashion DNA of Indigo and another is its huge water consumption character. Unlike reactive dye-stuff, Indigo cannot create bonds with fibers rather it is a mechanical trapping in the fiber. As a result, we need a lot of water in the indigo dyeing process and this cannot be a sustainable process. Keeping this context in our head, we have developed a new process of Indigo which consumes 60-80% less water and 40-60% fewer chemicals compare to any conventional Indigo process.

So here we make a perfect bridge of fashion DNA and sustainability together. And we named it ‘Balance’. We have been working for this ‘balance’ restlessly since long.

Textile Today: How Shasha Denims Limited promoting and working for sustainability?

Jamal Abdun Naser: Denim is a product which deserves fashion along with sustainability. Definitely, you won’t buy a product if it has no fashionable look whether it is sustainable or not. That’s why we are balancing this gap as I have already mentioned our process. Apart from the process, our entire raw material also contains sustainability.

So in this regard whatever we are producing, we give importance in two affairs about that product. First of all, it should be sustainable and secondly, the product needs to be fashionable.

The true story of fashion needs to come out by which consumer purchases the product and the story of sustainability needs to be revealed behind the story of the product.

This is the story of how Shasha is working for sustainability. We are confident that we are the greenest denim producer in this industry.

Shasha Denims Limited

Textile Today: Shasha’s marketing activities gives it extra strength in the market. How actually are you doing your marketing activities that are making your business more sustainable?

Jamal Abdun Naser: Actually we do our homework first and then go to market. We always try to bring variation to our product by adding value and that gives us the privilege in the market. Our present production capacity is 29 million yards per year. The customers with whom we are working with most of them are world’s renowned. In many cases, Shasha is the only nominated supplier for them in Bangladesh.

Every month or every alternate month we come up with sorts of new concepts and go to the buyers. Recently we developed a fabric with a new concept in which sulfur does not contain any kind of hydrogen sulfide. As a result, there is no more bad smell and there is no hazardous material for end users and the environment. So, we named this as “Eco-black”.

So we are developing many more things under the umbrella of sustainability and taking these to market.

Shasha was born with the concept of sustainability having the most modern technology.

Textile Today: About 30 factories are there in the market producing denim products, what is your suggestion for the newcomers?

Jamal Abdun Naser: It is true that many new entrepreneurs are interested in this denim sector. There is some rumor that China won’t continue its production in the future. This is really good for us but we have to take the opportunity. You can’t survive this industry by producing so-called products.

So, we need to be innovative and need to develop our products quality as well. This is how we could be in a stronger position globally together.

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