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Bangladesh boosts garment workers’ wages in 6 grades

RMG workers’ pay structure revised after PM’s directive amid unrest for eight days.

Staff Correspondent

Following the continuous apparel workers’ protest, Bangladesh has revised the new wage structure for readymade garment workers in 13 January ’19. In the new pay scale, the government has brought changes in six of the seven grades and has adjusted the wages taking yearly 5% increment into consideration.

The revised structure featured a significant rise in gross salary by Tk747 in the first grade but at the same time a paltry increase of only Tk15 to 20 in the 5th and 6th grades. Amounts of rise are TK786, Tk255, and Tk102 in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades respectively. The revised wage board is effective from Dec 1, 2018, and will be adjusted from February 2019.

BD boosts garment workers’ wages 6 grades
Figure: Commerce minister Tipu Munshi holds a meeting with representatives of factory owners and workers at the secretariat. Courtesy: banglatribune

In the meantime, the gross salary for grade 1 stood at Tk18,257, grade 2 at Tk15,416, Tk9,849 for grade 3, Tk9,347 for grade 4, Tk8,875 for Grade 5 and Tk8420 for grade 6. Grade 7 gross salary of Tk8,000 will remain unchanged.

Comparison Statement ( 2013,2018, Revised) in Taka
Grade Gross Wage 2013 Gross Wage 2018 Revised Gross Wage
7 5,300 8,000 8,000
6 5,678 8,405 8,420
5 6,042 8,855 8,875
4 6,420 9,245 9,347
3 6,805 9,590 9,845
2 10,900 14,630 15,416
1 13,000 17,510 18,257

Table: The chart is showing garment workers’ wage comparison.

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi made the announcement at a media briefing after a meeting with owners’ and workers’ representatives at the Labor Ministry yesterday. State Minister for Labor and Employment Begum Monnuzan Sufian was present at the briefing.

It is notable that, workers protesting since January 6, had been demanding pay raise in three grades in particular grade 3, 4 and 5.

Tipu Munshi said Textile Today, “From the beginning, trade union leaders raised issues about three grades and demanded adjustment in those grades.”

He further discussed the matter by saying, “After having wide-ranging discussions with owners and considering workers’ demands and owners’ capacity, ultimately we went to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who directed us to adjust wages in all the grades.”

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