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Bangladesh can gain more business in Polyamide processing for sportswear & lingerie production from China & Sri Lanka

EURODYE-CtC is one of the renowned textile chemical manufacturers of the world. It is specialized in auxiliaries & special effects products for the textile industry. Recently Patrick Leclerc, Technical Sales Manager, Eurodyes CTC has visited Bangladesh. He had different customer visit along with Country Representative Harris & Menuk’s  Director Azeez Asukeen. BTT technical team had a discussion with Mr. Patrick & Mr. Azeez. Here is the glimpse of the discussion for BTT readers.

1From left Azeez Asukeen, Director, Harris & Menuk; Patrick Leclerc, Technical Sales Manager, EURODYE-CtC

BTT: As usual expecting a brief on your business in textiles?

Patrick:  Well, EURODYE was established in 1978. Basically it is a family that had been involved in textiles for generations. The company is specialised in manufacturing auxiliary products for the textile industry. Several years later, it had the opportunity to enter into a partnership contract with the Crosfield giant.  This allowed EURODYE to gain experience and a world-renowned reputation.  The company soon expanded its production of textile auxiliaries and developed its own Research and Development activities. Since 1995, it has gone from a partnership to the purchase of the Crosfield textile activity and has established a new company in England: CTC.

The work carried out by a passionate team and the commercial development dynamics of the EURODYE-CTC group have been recognized and awarded on several occasions.  These include one nomination for company of the year, the “Gazelle” award for exports, and the Walloon export company.

BTT: What about your products & processes for textile dye-houses?

Patrick:  The Eurodye-CTC group offers surface-active, products that are specially developed for the textile industry.  When added in small quantities, they improve processes and performance, modify the appearance and texture of finished products and customise them. All our products meet international ISO 9001 BS 5750 quality standards.

Our company stands out for its customised service.  We put our clients in touch with technical assistance units that help to develop formulas and processes that are perfectly suited to the specific needs of each customer. Our product range contains Auxiliaries; Dyes, pigments, printing products & Special effect products. We do not only provide assistance during the development stage, but also help to finalise formulas and processes until the new formulations are being produced.

BTT: How is Research & Development in your company?

Patrick:  Eurodye-CTC pursues several objectives and one of these is to become an indispensable partner.  In order to achieve this objective we aim to be a source of new ideas that constantly offers greater creativity and originality. On a practical level our R&D Unit focus on 2 main aims-

  • Quality control of raw materials and finished products.
  • Development of innovative, state-of-the-art formulas and processes that call for the most advanced and “environmental-friendly” technology on the market.

To meet these aims, our group employs highly skilled specialists and works in collaboration with various university research centres and large industrial chemical groups.
Eurodye-CTC also has a development laboratory in a renowned textile school in Belgium.  This gives us the advantage of being able to quickly employ young textile engineers who are already well aware of our activities and principles.

BTT: What are the technologies you use for chemical manufacturing?

Patrick:  The diversity of our products and processes requires that we have absolute mastery of production technology and tools. We offer this mastery to the professional market in order to provide comprehensive solutions while establishing our position as a leader. We offer –

  • Quasi-continuous production without a fixed operator.
  • Use of machines with state-of-the-art technology, equipped with latest generation digitally operated programming.
  • Production tools that allow advanced blends and reactions to be made in reactors that are able to function under pressure or with high temperatures.

Our production helps to reach the Company objectives with this technological contribution.
I am sure that the Bangladesh Textile Engineers who already visited our facility in Belgium are the evidence for this answer.

2Recently a team of textile professionals from Bangladesh has visited  EURODYE-CtC plant

BTT: How do you continue your relation with your global clients?

Patrick:  An undisputed international dimension establishes our position as a practically indispensable partner in the textile industry. Our aim was to have a global presence while offering products and processes as well as technical and logistical assistance individually adapted to each of our clients.  Our aim is the same throughout the world to offer high standard products and process, to provide users with information and technical support at all times, thanks to our country representatives (Harris & Menuk in Bangladesh) who do their job professionally, their experience & strong communication give motivation to our entire team to be active all time.

BTT: Could you inform few of your new development?

Patrick:  Our company has set itself an objective in this particular area to protect textile surfaces from all bacterial, viral or germinal contamination. In order to reach this goal, we are working together with an American group and with the textile federation.

Eurodye-CTC is a company that cares about new developments.  It aims to offer “high tech” products and processes that meet the future needs of the market. Eurodye-CTC works with universities and multinational companies and participates in the development of multifunctional textiles produced with state-of-the-art technology. The aim is also to develop new, recyclable polymers (fibres).
Furthermore, we focus on other developments that are perhaps less significant but interesting all the same, such as cyclodextrins and esterification processes.

BTT: What is your observation & experience regarding Bangladesh Textile market?

Patrick: Yesterday – as somebody told, ‘forget the bad & learn from mistakes’ and I would say today Bangladesh’s experience speaks that it is moving towards positive change and of course doing well. Thanks to investors for bringing about corporate culture. The brave and skilled engineers must be acknowledged for their positive thinking & hard work. Professionals here are really quick learners. And so I see Tomorrow brighter, particularly the country has more chance to get Polyamide business mainly sportswear lingerie from brand buyers. Many of those orders may move here from China, Sri Lanka.

I strongly believe that Bangladesh textile market is very potential. And so we are doing better in Bangladesh with our country representative Harris & Menuk. For the coming days there should be a strategic road map with proper guideline on compliance, health and safety issues.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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