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Bangladesh considers India as a new source for synthetic fibers

Garment factory owners of Bangladesh are considering neighboring India as a new source of raw material – synthetic fibers – for the garment industry. For this purpose, the organization of garment exporters BGMEA along with ‘Confederation of Indian Textile Industries or CITI’ is holding two ‘Textile Sourcing Meets’ and road shows in India from February 9 to 12.

Figure: Bangladesh’s garment industry considering neighboring India as a new source of synthetic fibers for the industry.

A delegation from the garment sector including BGMEA President Faruque Hassan and Vice President Shahidullah Azim will participate in it. The delegation will attend the textile sourcing meet and road show planned in three cities Delhi, Ahmedabad and Surat to establish close contacts with top textile manufacturers in India.

Exporters are talking about such initiatives as part of a move to diversify exports of apparel products in addition to manufacturing high-value garments. Industrialists who have been exporting garments made from cotton and various natural fibers for a long time trying to export high-value man-made fiber garments for the past two years.

BGMEA Vice President Shahidullah Azim said that India produces world-class man-made fiber-based fabrics. Bringing it from India as an alternative to China will save both time and money. Besides, we will call upon Indian businessmen to use their expertise to set up synthetic fiber plants in Bangladesh.

Those related to the clothing sector say that at least $5 billion worth of clothes or raw materials has to be imported from China annually.

In this context, the notification of BGMEA said that man-made fiber products are being given special importance to achieve the target of $100 billion of garment exports by 2030. India’s visit will play a vital role in this.

It further states, “The demand for man-made fiber-based garments is increasing day by day and India is a particularly adept and reliable source of man-made fiber-based  fabrics, especially fashion fabrics of various types.

“As the Indian textile supply chain is very extensive and fragmented at the same time, BGMEA will endeavor to establish mutual contacts between the traders of the two countries with a view to speedily connecting with the right suppliers in India for importing fashion and textile goods.”

To this end, BGMEA is working with the government agencies of both countries to ensure the land ports of both countries are fully operational, to reduce traffic congestion at the Petrapol-Benapole border, and to ensure that the raw materials of the garment industry can flow smoothly from India to Bangladesh by rail.

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