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BD denim export carries on top in US market in Nov 21

Bangladesh’s export grabs 22.47% share of total US denim import values

Once again Bangladesh denim export showed its brilliant performance in the USA market. According to recently published data by OTEXA, in November 2021, Bangladesh exported $83.93 million worth of denim apparel to the USA. Which is a mammoth 22.47 percent of the total US import values.

Figure 1: Bangladesh brags top spot in the USA market.

OTEXA data showed that in November 2021, USA denim apparel import reached $375.83 million. Gaining by 42.71% compared to November 2020.

The other top four countries in the US market are – Mexico, Pakistan, Vietnam and China.

Mexico’s exported $65.95 million worth of denim in the 11th month of 2021. Increasing by 30% Y-o-Y basis.

Pakistan denim export registered $46 million in the USA market. Noting an enormous 109.61 percent growth.

Figure 2: USA imported $3.33 billion in denim garments in November 2021.

Vietnam exported $41.69 million denim garments in November 2021. Increasing by 26.30%.

While China’s denim export growth reduced significantly – only 6.54% growth – exporting $30 million.

The year 2021 has witnessed good denim growth in the USA market. As OTEXA data revealed that from January to November of 2021 – the USA imported $3.33 billion in denim garments. Increasing by 29.57%.

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