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Bangladesh exploring the global tent market

Textiles are the major component of material culture and camping tents are now one of the trendy cultural items in the world. Camping became popular in the early twentieth century through Thomas Hiram Holding, a British traveling tailor who first made camping tents in the 1880s. Now, the camping trend has reached through the countries of America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa that the global camping tent market has reached the value of US $ 2.65 billion in 2021. According to a report by IMARC Group, the market will reach the US $ 3.87 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 6.87% by 2022-2027. Portability and ease of installation are the main factors that drive the growth of the camping tent market.

Figure 1: Bangladesh has an opportunity to increase tent manufacturing & export share in the world market

In 2019 the top exporters of tents, synthetic fibers were China ($1.16B), Bangladesh ($205M), Vietnam ($80.3M), Germany ($50M), and Spain ($45.5M) and the top importers of Tents, synthetic fibers were United States ($432M), Germany ($143M), United Kingdom ($125M), France ($112M), and Japan ($107M). Bangladesh is the second-largest exporter of camping tent equipment. In the last financial year, Bangladesh has earned US $ 420.6 million, of this US $156.1 million worth of tents went to the United States. According to the latest figures from January, tent equipment exports are expected to exceed US $513 million this year. Although the growth of tents in the world market is forecast to be 6.87 percent, the growth of tent exports in Bangladesh in the last two years is more than 40 percent.

Figure 2: Growth of global tent market size.

Entrepreneurs in this sector think that there is an opportunity to increase Bangladesh’s share in the world market. Manufacturers think that in the next few years, their position in the tent world market will be out of reach. The tent companies in Bangladesh are mainly EPZ-centric.

According to BEPZA sources, 14 tent companies are currently in production in Chittagong and Karnafuli EPZs. In addition, another is under implementation. EPZ’s leading tent exporters include HKD Group, Campbell Global, Campex (BD), Eusebio Sporting (BD), Jessinha Outdoor and others.

EPZ has exported tent equipment worth USD 30.54 crore in the first seven months of the current financial year till January. Half of these tent exports go to HKD Group factories. In the last financial year, eight factories of HKD Group exported world-class tent equipment worth US $200 million or Tk 1,600 crore. HKD claims to have more than 40 percent of the global market for tent exports alone. HKD is the world’s leading exporter of tents. The South Korean-owned HKD Group is one of the world’s leading tent exporters. The total investment in EPZ tent companies so far has been 161.7 million US dollars. The employment in these institutions is more than 20 thousand 83 people.

Figure 3: Bangladesh’s tent market Size.

US-based Compex (BD) Limited will set up a tent, tent accessories, and outdoor apparel manufacturing industry with an investment of US $10 million. South Korean company M/s. JD Creation Limited has signed an agreement with Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) to set up a camping item, garments, tent, and garment accessories manufacturing industry with an investment of US $4.15 million in Mongla EPZ. The Korean company will produce 4.85 million pieces of camping items a year, such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, camping chairs, hats, and caps.

Tents are used as shelters for nomads, recreation campers, soldiers, and disaster victims. Tents are commonly used as overhead shelters for festivals, weddings, backyard parties, large corporate events, excavation (construction) covers, and industrial shelters. With modern materials, tent manufacturers have great freedom to vary the type and style, and size of the tent. Tent equipment includes gazebo, camping chairs, tent interior furniture, tent outdoor garments. The gazebo is one of the unique products of tent manufacturers in Bangladesh. Gazebo is basically a family tent where one tent can have eight to 10 room including drawing, living room. However, Bangladesh is offering tents, including luxury tents, disaster relief tents, Swiss cottage tents, labor tents, royal tents, marquee tents, and much more. These tents are usually made of nylon, PVC and poly-cotton and contain poles and cords that help to make the tent durable and affordable.

In addition, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Australia, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Russia and other countries are importing tents. Summer vacations in nature are very popular in Europe and America. Camping tents are one of the most sought-after items in the winter months. According to the North American Camping Report, camping is gaining popularity across the United States and Canada. The report shares a number of interesting figures, including that “there are 77 million U.S. households who camp at least occasionally.”  The growing trend for camping as a recreational activity is giving a boost to the sale of camping tents around the world.

The key manufacturers are investing heavily in research and development and are involved in the innovation process to deliver improvised products and compete with other key players and competing products in the market. Nowadays, the tent comes with various features like tent with solar panel, this tent has built-in lighting, a charging port and wireless control technology which makes it hassle-free. Also, many more models have come in the market. Developing agencies such as UNICEF use innovative multipurpose tents in emergencies to meet a variety of programmatic needs in education, health, nutrition, and child protection.

Afghanistan will be the first country to implement new tents and add-ons. A total of 478 tents and 478 winter liners will improve the education services of about 15,000 children. Some importing countries are coming forward to relax tariffs on exporting countries. The countries with the lowest tariffs for Tents, synthetic fibers are Mauritius, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Switzerland with 0% tariffs. The countries with the highest import are:

Syria Ecuador Iran Bahamas
73.5% 73.1% 55% 41.3%
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