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Apparel exports to USA witness a staggering 65.08% growth in Jan-Apr 2022

Bangladesh’s readymade garment (RMG) exports to the United States grew by a staggering double-digit growth of 65.08% in the period of January-April 2022.

According to the latest trade data released by the Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA), Bangladesh exported $3.29 billion worth of apparel.

Top-5-apparel-exporting-countries-USA-January-April 2022

For the period of January-April 2022, USA garment import from the world was $32.43 billion. With a 10.17% share of the USA’s total apparel import, Bangladesh remains the 3rd largest apparel source for the USA.

As per the OTEXA official statistics, USA’s global apparel import grew by 40.55%.

China, being the top apparel import source for the USA and having a 20.60% share, registered 43.14% year-over-year growth during the mentioned period. USA’s apparel imports from China reached $6.69 billion during this period.

Bangladesh’s garment exports USA-January-April 2022

Vietnam is the second-largest apparel import source for the USA which posted 31.95% growth during the same period. The USA imported $6.01 billion worth of clothing from Vietnam. Other countries having significant growth are South Korea 68.25% ($0.072 billion), Indonesia 59.91% ($2.03 billion), Pakistan 57.78% ($0. 92 billion), India 56.06% ($2.10 billion), and Cambodia 42.26% ($1.46 billion).

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