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Bangladesh is the second strongest market for KARL MAYER

Dhaka Textile Garment (DTG) exhibition is the largest textile garment machinaries exhibition held in Bangladesh. Every year it is organized in winter for four days in Dhaka. This year DTG was held on 04-07 February, 2015. Leading trade body of the country Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) organizes the event. Bangladesh Textile Today (BTT) is one of the media partners of this mega show. During exhibition BTT technical team member M A Islam Riyadh talked with different exhibitors which will be covered in different issues of Bangladesh Textile Today. This issue is covering the conversation with Mr. Martin Küppers, Vice President Sales & Marketing of KARL MAYER. During the meeting Mr. Gerhard Roth, Regional Sales Manager of KARL MAYER, Mr. Khalid Ibne Ashraf, Executive Director of Cott-tex Associates were present. Cott-tex Associates is the local agent of KARL MAYER for warp preparation & weaving. Martin Küppers is working to create customer value and to improve net present value for customers and company with his worldwide sales steam. He has been developing new distribution channels for new capital goods, machinery and accessories. Martin implemented new sales strategies especially for the emerging markets with success and introduced KPIs for the sales stream to measure the improvements. Mr. Küppers joined the KARL MAYER in 2011.

01BTT: Can you please give an overview of KARL MAYER business in textile machineries?

Marin Küppers: KARL MAYER is a family owned business founded in 1937. Karl Mayer Sr. set up a mechanical workshop in Obertshausen, Germany, to produce turned parts in 1937. KARL MAYER is the world’s leading manufacturer of warp knitting machines, the driving force being the production of warp preparation machinery, and it is an expert in every aspect of the textile warp. And being in the leading position in warp knitting machinery it ensures that it strives for perfection.

The company is the driving force for the entire sector. It is continuously developing new applications and refining the technology of its machines, thus ensuring that its products are always state of the art. And the company has been doing this for more than 70 years.

Innovation has enjoyed a long tradition at KARL MAYER. Nowadays, warp-knitted fabrics are everywhere – in functional swimwear and sportswear, lace lingerie and net curtains, shoes, blood vessels, ships’ hulls and babies’ nappies – to mention just a few of the technical, semi-technical, fashion and home textiles produced on KARL MAYER’s machines.

Just as specific as their end-uses are the range of services KARL MAYER offers its customers and the company develops individual solutions to meet individual challenges. When combined with KARL MAYER’s extensive range of services, the machine is able to guarantee future prosperity and security – as long as it carries the right label. ‘Made by KARL MAYER’ is a symbol of top-class quality and functionality, exceptional efficiency and easy handling – and symbolises the clever artistry of the engineer.

BTT: What about your business units and brand names.

Martin Küppers: KARL MAYER is currently operating four business units with about 2.300 employees and its turnover was round 530 million euro in 2013. Four operating units are- Warp Knitting, Warp Preparation, Technical Textiles and Parts & Components.

BTT: How significant is Bangladesh textile industry for KARL MAYER?

Mr. Küppers: Bangladesh is very potential and one of the most important markets for us. It is the second strongest market for KARL MAYER. We can see more prospect of Bangladesh Textile market in near future. We have been operating business in Bangladesh for a long time. There are some factors to be improved i.e gas & electricity, labour safely, compliance issue for the overall development of Bangladesh textile market. The main strong part of Bangladesh textile market is productivity and quality which is unbeaten nowadays comparing other countries. Interestingly Bangladesh textile market is moving very fast though there are some crisis here. If Bangladesh textile market maintains the consistency of its continuous growth Bangladesh can compete to the rest of the world. Now Bangladesh will be our first priority.

BTT: How do you support your clients here in Bangladesh?

Martin Küppers: You know we came into the market for a long time & we are one of the major suppliers here. Our Bangladesh local agent for warp preparation & weaving Cott-tex Associates is very cooperative to us and customers as well. We have already created a good market of our products in Bangladesh. We have fully dedicated after sales service support for our clients and we are providing the best possible after sales service.

02Photo: from left Mr. Khalid Ibne Ashraf, Director of Cott-tex Associates, Mr. Gerhard Roth, Regional Sales Manager of KARL MAYER, BTT Technical Team Member M A Islam Riyadh and Mr. Martin Küppers, Vice President Sales & Marketing of KARL MAYER at DTG 2015 Cott-tex Stall.

BTT: What are the factors behind the success story of KARL MAYER?

Martin Küppers: The success story of KARL MAYER, the company set up by Mr. Karl Mayer in 1937, began 10 years later with the production of tricot machines. Nowadays, this family run, German company leads the world in the warp knitting machine sector, and KARL MAYER also sets the standard in the textile world in warp preparation equipment for warp knitting and weaving.

The development of this textile world demands a global strategy: ‘Worldwide customer-oriented’ is one of KARL MAYER’s most important objectives. In order to prosper in international markets, companies must think globally, and have a clear picture of their own strengths. A keen awareness of quality, expert engineering and innovative products are at the heart of KARL MAYER – and this is what makes our customers all over the world trust us completely.

Our joint success is based on this trust, together with the dialogue and close cooperation which we foster with our customers. This is why KARL MAYER supplies machines tailor-made to very specific requirements. This makes our clients more and more successful, and better equipped to face the future – and it makes us experts in the textile chain.

To meet this responsibility, we have extended our operations to other areas of textile production. Our strategy of developing other commercial segments in the textile chain gives our customers the opportunity to grow with us and, at the same time, prepares us for future challenges.

The concepts of ‘future’ and ‘responsibility’ go hand in hand at KARL MAYER. The development of new technologies, such as KAMCOS®, are just as important here as furthering the careers of our employees and providing training for our clients since, as far as we are concerned, the best future lies with people and their ideas.

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