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Bangladesh needs to go for value-added functional items to sustain

The COVID-19 pandemic-wracked earth is shifting fast from many ages of biased practices. Bangladesh readymade garment (RMG) industry finds itself in a precarious situation as it is mostly knit based.

Kazi Al Mahedi, CEO, 4 Stitch Knit Composite Limited recently shared his insights with Textile Today about the challenges the knitwear garments are facing and way outs.

Figure1: Kazi Al Mahedi, CEO, 4 Stitch Knit Composite Ltd working at his corporate office

Textile Today: What was the motivation to start a knit composite factory? At the same time share your factory’s vision and mission.

Kazi Al Mahedi: Since 2000 we are in the knitting business. Meaning with almost 20 years of experience we feel comfortable doing knit products. We ensure the European standard of work with Bangladeshi prices for optimum customer satisfaction. Besides, we have a buying house business.

Textile Today: What is the future of the knit industry in Bangladesh in the current global scenario?

Kazi Al Mahedi: At present, it is very difficult to say something as the COVID-19 pandemic is turning the world upside down. And the future is uncertain. Not just for the fashion industry but other for industries also.

Recent analysis shows that the consumers are getting skeptical about spending too much on fashion. The post-Coronavirus world will be for functional protective wearables. So, the knit based Bangladesh textile and apparel industry must make value-added functional fashion to increase the lost share and become a leader again.

Textile Today: You have a buying house. Did this venture help your garment business?

Kazi Al Mahedi: We have started this venture since 2011. And it diffidently helps us a lot to get order easily and smoothly.

Textile Today: What types of the product range are you doing and for which buyers? Do you have any high-end product line or have your plan for that?

Kazi Al Mahedi: At 4 Stitch Knit Composite Limited, we do all types of knit items by ensuring the best quality. In apparel manufacturing business quality is the ultimate pillar of success. We do t-shirt, polo shirt, tank top, trousers, skirt, jacket, etc. We are doing production with end line finishing to get the best quality.

Textile Today: As an owner of buying house what is your advice for the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh, at which point they need to focus?

Kazi Al Mahedi: Entrepreneurs who want to do apparel business must know the full process upside-down. This will make them able to cross the tough challenges which come now and then. Simultaneously, equipping with the latest consumer trends and tech-updates are essential to stay on top of the apparel manufacturing business.

Figure2: CEO, Kazi Al Mahedi and Directors, Mr Zahid, Arif Hossain, Waliullah Bakul standing in front of 4 Stitch Knit Composite Ltd.

Textile Today: Bangladesh’s textile and apparel sector is taking a hit due to the coronavirus outbreak. In this reality how will you ensure your business competitiveness?

Kazi Al Mahedi: This is a very hard time for a comprehensive replay. We try our level best to reduce cost, get more orders and target on-time shipment. And as I said earlier, making value-added functional fashion items will be the key in the coming months.

We have already seen that the garment factories are making PPE, anti-viral masks, etc. we need to come up as a whole industry to ensure business competitiveness.

Textile Today: What should be the post-COVID-19 strategy to recover the industry from this current disastrous situation?

Kazi Al Mahedi: First, try to survive at any cost. Then wait for a good time to get a perfect order to overcome all those issues. At the same time, we must transform further into online marketing as consumer buying habits are changing rapidly into online buying habits.

The COVID-19 is also given rise to functional clothing and we should move sector diversification. And it will create a positive vibe about the Bangladesh garment industry.

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