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Bangladesh RMG committed to sustain workplace safety momentum

Alongside developing its capacities to retain competiveness in the changing business landscape, the RMG industry of Bangladesh is also committed to sustaining the progress made so far in the area of workplace safety, said Faruque Hassan, President of BGMEA.

Figure: Faruque Hassan addressing a seminar organized by Particip GmbH on behalf of GIZ at Hotel Amari Dhaka.

“Learnings lessons from the past the garment industry of Bangladesh has made unprecedented progress, particularly in the area of workplace safety while we have also made an exemplary stride in environmental sustainability in line with the demand of time and trends,” he said.

Bangladesh RMG industry is committed to continuing its pursuance of more excellence, he said.

Faruque Hassan made the remarks while addressing a seminar organized by Particip GmbH on behalf of GIZ at Hotel Amari Dhaka on March 30 to brief BGMEA and BKMEA participating member factories on the Communication Component of the STILE project.

Owners and senior management representatives from participating member factories were present at the event.

The Communication Component of STILE intends to contribute to improved compliance with social and environmental standards with its awareness-raising, information and education campaigns as well as with its Women Café’s and Factory Committee’s centric capacity development measures. The project developed a pool of trainers from the three industry associations (BGMEA, BKMEA and LFMEAB) to build the capacity of factory committees in their member factories and will continue the intervention until November 2023.

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