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RMG sector growing big keeping sustainability at the forefront

After facing so many challenges, the readymade garments (RMG) sector is now an industry with $42 billion in annual export turnover.

The robust growth in the RMG sector, which helped Bangladesh attain both international competence and domestic success, did not come by chance.

It has been possible mainly due to modernization and technological upgradation of factories over the past 40 years as well as developments in workplace safety, environmental sustainability and compliance issues.

Bangladesh RMG sustainability
Figure: Bangladesh RMG sector growth has been possible mainly due to modernization and technological upgradation of factories, as well as, developments in workplace safety, environmental sustainability and compliance issues.

We are living in such a complex world where the risks, challenges, and prosperities are interconnected. The principles and visions of global businesses are periodically revised with highlighting on sustainability.

Now, Bangladesh is one of the safest and environment friendly RMG manufacturing countries in the world which is acclaimed globally.

We have the highest number of green factories certified by USGBC.

We are also a front-runner in terms of transparency, which adds unique ethical values to our products.

Since the Bangladesh RMG sector aspires to become a leader in sustainable manufacturing, the industry is preparing itself for the next growth phase.

Therefore, being the apex association of RMG industry of Bangladesh, the BGMEA has realigned its vision with environment, sustainability, and governance (ESG) priorities.

Our beloved association, BGMEA, which has been serving as a beacon for the industry for decades, needs to adopt changes in its philosophy, vision, missions, and in its corporate identity for even greater success.

While we were redesigning our new logo and revisiting our vision, our first and foremost priority was to preserve the heritage of BGMEA.

This organization has provided the much-needed direction to the highest export earning sector of Bangladesh through prudent and successive leaderships in our legacy.

In the past decade, the industry has made remarkable progress in social and economic fronts and has been successfully transformed as a responsible undertaking.

Successive leaders have directed this organization through thick and thin in that process.

That is what we wanted to keep intact and unchanged.

Therefore, the fundamental color pallet of the new logo has been kept unchanged.

The difference is that now we have a story behind the colour and symbols of the logo.

Thus, BGMEA is emerging with the new logo, which is coded as “nine-dots.”

The dots will connect the positive forces and stakeholders toward the common global goals to realign our business strategy with the changing landscape of the global economy.

What they represent

We have designed the nine dots in a way that when decoded the first dot means, people come first.

Our motto is to forever work for the wellbeing of the people of Bangladesh and humankind at large, inside and outside the industry.

Here the underlying principle is to improve conditions for the country’s approximately 4 million garment workers, contribute to the national economy and improve the fate of the common people.

The second dot centers on inclusivity, which is already one of the hallmarks of Bangladesh’s RMG industry.

Being the country’s largest formal sector employer, with around 60% of our employees being women, we want to listen and to be amenable.

We are open to involving people from across socio-economic spectrum, without any form of discrimination.

The third dot is about transparency. Now Bangladesh is a frontrunner in transparency regarding factory safety and value-chain responsibility.

Accountability and access to information are central to building a trustworthy, flexible and resilient organization.

The fourth dot is about infrastructure. In the last decade we have made tremendous progress in making our factories safe, environment-friendly and employee-friendly.

As a result, workplace mishaps have become a thing of the past in the RMG sector.

But we cannot let our guard down.

This underlying theme of the logo will continue to inspire us to build safe, sustainable and green factories having modern safety and security apparatus.

The fifth dot indicates innovation, to encourage us to innovate, which is crucial to our survival.

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) has accelerated the process of automation and virtual prototyping.

In order to keep up with the global trend, significant investment in skill development and R&D is already taking place in factories.

While individual factories are working on their own to innovate and design high-end products for exports, BGMEA has set-up a “Centre for Innovation, Efficiency and OSH” which will cater to the industry’s quest for innovation and perfection.

The sixth dot is about circularity, which is very important for the conservation of our natural ecosystem.

As an eco-conscious industry we are increasingly focusing on shifting from a linear system to a circular system.

Manufacturers, buyers and recyclers are making concerted efforts to collect and reuse textile waste in Bangladesh.

The seventh dot is about strengthening our global network.

It will motivate us to strive to be ahead in the world through innovation, pivots and flexible adaptations.

Branding Bangladesh is the focus of the eighth dot of BGMEA’s new logo.

Its aim is to convey what BGMEA represents and the vital role it plays in representing and branding Bangladesh to the world.

And the ninth and final dot represents protecting the environment.

It is a symbol of the respect BGMEA has for nature and its dedication to preserving the natural ecosystem.

This nine dots logo is the matrix of BGMEA’s scope of work and influence.


We have arranged the dots in columns sequentially to portray our journey from micro to macro, from action to impact, and from local to global.

It is an organic transformation.

Author: The author is Managing Director at Giant Group and also President of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

The connection continues when we look at the nine dots in rows.

The first three dots emphasize reach, second three dots emphasize transformation, and the third three emphasize sustainability.

These are nine dots and together they represent BGMEA’s new identity.

In the last 40 years, we have come a long distance and still some distance to go, but the rewards are great.

So far the progress we have made puts us in a favorable position in the global market.

In the coming days, we need to keep this momentum and ongoing efforts in the area of diversification, innovation, value addition and 4IR.

The day is not far away when we will be able to set an annual export target of $100 billion from this vital sector.

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