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“Bangladesh RMG sector must focus on three areas to survive”

H&M has a long collaboration with the Bangladeshi manufacturers for the last 27 years and an amount of 3 billion USD apparel products are importing from the country. Ziaur Rahman is a Regional Country Manager of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ethiopia at H&M. He is the 1st Bangladeshi nationalist who obtains such higher leadership position.

Recently he has expressed his deep concern about Bangladesh RMG sector in a conversation with one of the leading Bangladeshi newspapers.

Figure: Ziaur Rahman, Country Manager of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ethiopia at H&M.

He said that Bangladesh should think only of China as its supreme competitor in the apparel market. Myanmar has bad image in human rights, Ethiopia still long run to go to be competitive, and the Vietnam apparel industry mostly set by foreign investors. In this respect, Bangladeshi manufacturers are more ahead in workplace safety and industry development. The country has the highest capacity in apparel production that no other country can provide.

He recommended RMG owners to be focused on three areas, if they really want to survive in this crisis situation.

According to Ziaur Rahman, product development, product diversification and increasing efficiency should be the major area to improve in the sector. Textile Today prepared a summary of the conversation that can assist and guide the Bangladesh RMG industry.

Product development and diversification

Bangladesh is working on product diversification concept but bit slowly and they are clearly lagging behind in product positioning Ziaur Rahman mentioned. The key success factor to adopt effective design and product development is to work with the high-end product if Bangladesh wants to sustain this business.

In product development, foreign tours can be a good way to get the concept and new ideas. To obtain cultural immersion, increased confidence, and of course to widen mindset, Bangladeshi industrialists and designers should frequently travel the new market.

Improve efficiency

Bangladesh’s apparel industry has to focus on improving worker’s efficiency. H&M has a longtime working partnership with Bangladesh and so along with the RMG owners, the brand is working on productivity improvement and workforce efficiency.

Bangladesh still a core hub for apparel sourcing in the global market because of its quality product and the country also move towards a green revolution in the RMG industry, which has already taken the lead in the world, he highlighted.

He also mentioned that entrepreneurs of Bangladesh are very strong in innovation and they are always ready to come forward to offer their best efforts for any kind of brand’s request.

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