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Bangladesh textile & apparel green revolution leading other industries to follow its path

Bangladesh has been phenomenal in transforming its industries environment friendly. US Green Building Council (USGBC) data showed that Bangladesh is one of the globally leading certified Green Factory Buildings by the USGBC (LEED) Rating System with 178 (as of 6 May 2022) LEED registered and certified projects.

Figure 1: USGBC honored LEED projects.

Especially, the textile and apparel industry has been leading from the front and showing the path to other industries. Out of 178 green building factories – 160 of them are from the textile and RMG sector. 9 out of the world’s top 10 green garment factories are in Bangladesh. 40 out of the world’s top 100 green industrial projects are in Bangladesh. 500 more factories are in the process of getting LEED certification.

On April 30, USGBC honored around 75 LEED projects at a hotel in Dhaka – which got certified after May 2019 – were given the appreciation in the event. While a special acknowledgment was provided to 30 LEED Platinum-certified projects.

As the pioneer in Bangladesh’s green building projects – textile and apparel factories showed that it is easier for the industries and factories to comply with many of the strategic priorities and aim to cut the negative impacts of manufacturing on the environment.

Moreover, a green factory delivers a good working environment with the desired comfort for workers, hygiene, mental peace, and well-being.

Faruque Hassan, President, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) was adorned the grand event as the Chief Guest. Santanu Dutta Gupta (USGBC Faculty, Regional Head – Market Development, GBCI – Eastern India, Bangladesh & Vietnam Markets) hosted the program.

Faruque Hassan said that Bangladesh is delighted to have the highest number of green garment factories in the world with 160 LEED-certified by USGBC, of which 48 are platinum, 98 are gold. And the number of green textile and garment factories are on the rise.

Faruque Hassan said, “We are now entering into such an establishment where the only economic value of a product will be not enough, the non-economic intrinsic value of product will also play a vital role.”

“Our industry is going green in aligned with the changing business landscape not only to remain competitive but also to contribute to minimizing the adverse impacts of production on the environment we live in,” he added.

Figure 2: Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Managing Directo, Cute Dress Industry Ltd receiving the token of appreciation from Faruque Hassan.

One of the leading USGBC Green Building consultant 360 TSL’s 5 Projects were honored in the program. These are:

  1. Cute Dress Industry Ltd, LEED PLATINUM (NC v3 2009) with 87 Points
  2. Guardian Life Insurance Ltd, LEED PLATINUM (ID+C v4) with 83 Points
  3. Agami Accessories Ltd, LEED PLATINUM (EB O+M v4 2014) with 87 Points
  4. Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd. LEED PLATINUM (EB O+M v3 2009) with 90 Points
  5. Dekko Accessories Ltd, LEED PLATINUM (EB O+M v4 2014) with 87 Points

Ananta Ahmed, USGBC Faculty, LEED AP BD+C, ID+C, EB O+M, HOMES, ND, Principal LEED Consultant & Managing Director of 360° TSL is a pioneer in Green Building Consultancy in the world.

Ananta Ahmed said, “I always say acquiring Green Building Certification does not cost you anything. Rather it reduces cost. And 360° TSL from its 225+ Green Building Projects can show that becoming green reduces cost.”

Among others Shahidullah Azim, Shahidullah Azim – Vice President, BGMEA, Inamul Haq Khan (Bablu) Director, BGMEA; Neela Hosna Ara, Director, BGMEA; Md. Imranur Rahman, Director, BGMEA and Khondkar Morshed Millat (General Manager, Sustainable Finance Department, Bangladesh Bank) were present as guest speakers.

LEED consultants, LEED faculties, Green architects, and other stakeholders of USGBC were present also present at the event.

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