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Bangladesh textile and garment industry working towards achieving global standard in safety and compliance

Compliance BD Limited (CBD) is a leading name in Bangladesh’s industrial compliance safety. For over 10 years Compliance BD Ltd. has been working phenomenally with fire safety solutions, HVAC solutions, MEP project, solar, and renewable energy solutions. Compliance BD has successfully completed several fire safety and MEP projects in Readymade Garment (RMG), textile, pharmaceuticals, spinning, printing, and power industries.

Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman
Figure: Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman, Managing Director, Compliance BD Ltd.

Bangladesh’s textile and RMG industries are concerned about safety and compliance since the incidents like Rana Plaza, Tazreen Fashion. Compliance BD deserves of praise for their excellent administration and execution of fire safety and security initiatives throughout the country. Their integration of fire detection and alarm system with the fire hydrant equipment provides an inclusive solution to the cautionary industries.

Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman, Managing Director, Compliance BD Ltd. has been steering Compliance BD Ltd. with his unique leadership. TextileToday met Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman to understand overall compliance status of Bangladesh’s garments industry and the strengths of Compliance BD Ltd to ensure industrial safety and compliance.

Textile Today: How do you evaluate the overall compliance in Bangladesh’s garments industry? Is the industry capable to comply with the international standard?

Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman: The way the global scenario is transforming and reshaping – I think there is no alternative of overall compliance in Bangladesh’s textile and readymade garment (RMG) industry. The most positive aspect is that our industries and industrialists are willing and they are implementing overall compliance and especially the fire safety compliance. Entrepreneurs are not requesting us only for a fire safety – rather they requesting Compliance BD Ltd. to implement overall compliance system – so that the lives of the workers can be saved, workplace safety can be ensured and their investments can remain safe.

I will say this is the overall mindset transformation of our entrepreneurs. So, to answer of the question is yes, the industry is willing and working to attain the capability to comply with the international standard.

Textile Today: Since Rana Plaza incident to now, what kind of challenges has the textile and apparel industry been facing to cope with the international compliance standard?

Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman: Bangladesh’s textile and RMG industries have been raising more concerns about safety and compliance since the incident. The ACCORD, ALLIANCE and RSC have guided the industry towards compliance standard. In the past entrepreneurs were not familiar with NFPA guidelines, however, at present, all the projects we are implementing is according to the NFPA guidelines.

Having said that we need to work continuously to achieve the international compliance standard.

Textile Today: How do you position Compliance BD Ltd. regarding ensuring safety in the industry? How is it better than other fire safety service providers?

Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman: The most important aspect of Compliance BD Ltd. is that we provide technical solutions instead of only selling our products.

A lot of times, our customers rush into buy fire safety products. But we do not give priority to this type of queries, instead I tell the customer to sit with my qualified team and devise the best possible safety solutions as per the customers’ needs. As we must understand that although investment in safety compliance is absolutely critical but entrepreneurs will not get any return from this investment. Thus, Compliance BD wants to curve out the most economical and at the same time best safety compliance solution for the customers. This is what set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Additionally, Compliance BD relies on positive customer feedbacks. And we are getting repeated requests from our customers for our fire safety products. This is how we position Compliance BD Ltd. in the market.

Our vision is to transform our customers as our marketing partners – meaning Compliance BD’s customers recommend our products and service quality among their community. If we put it into perspective, then we can see from bird’s-eye view that entrepreneurs rely on positive recommendation from other entrepreneurs.

To achieve this type of loyal base, Compliance BD ensures highest level of product quality, customer service and commitment. Like we are 24/7 instantly available for our customers’ needs. Our fire safety technical solutions are topnotch. As well as, we are 100% committed to our customers. This is our main theme.

Textile Today: Share us the range of firefighting solutions you are offering for the textile and apparel industry? What are the innovative solutions you will bring in near future for the industry?

Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman: At the moment Compliance BD is providing firefighting solutions like: fire protection system, fire pump and controller, valves and accessories, fire door, passive fire protection, fire detection and notification system, MS pipe and fitting, fire suppression system, steam line accessories, process line accessories, etc. along with services like: design and drawing, fabrication, installation, testing, commissioning, annual maintenance services, etc.

Textile Today: You are working with some renowned brands to provide fire safety solutions. How will you differentiate them in terms of feature and cost?

Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman: I always try to work on something new and innovative concepts. For instance, recent fire detections techs are wireless unlike the old techs. And we are trying to implement these new techs into RMG and other industries. We are working with many prominent brands to provide fire safety solutions in the industry. They all have different features industrialists can choose as per their necessity.

Textile Today: You are able to complete the project according to ACCORD, ALLIANCE and RSC Standard. Do you have any agreement with them? Do the factories–who accomplish their compliance with Compliance BD Ltd—face any trouble from buyers regarding compliance standard?

Engr. Md. Azizur Rahman: We are enlisted with ACCORD, ALLIANCE and RSC. We have a well capable and certified team. We have already worked with ACCORD, ALLIANCE and RSC in many projects and received certificates.

But I must say that ACCORD and ALLIANCE did not have a fixed guideline for the textile and apparel industry and changed their decisions after a while. Which burdened the factories immensely. For instance, earlier most of the factories used to use negative suction pump – for which neither ACCORD nor ALLIANCE have any issue.

In addition, after a while suddenly they said you cannot use negative suction pump; they said the factories must use positive suction pump. They needed to have comprehensive study before implementing any system as it does not turn as a burden for the manufactures. As this type of system change led to huge sufferings and cost increase to textile and apparel industry.

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