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Bangladesh remains top denim exporter to USA for consecutive years

For the second straight year – Bangladesh bragged the top denim apparel exporter to the USA market.

In 2021, Bangladesh exported $798.42 million worth of denim garments to its biggest export destination, observing an eye-boggling 42.25% Y-o-Y growth.


While in 2020, the country exported $561.29 million worth of denim garments to the USA market.

As per the latest OTEXA data, the USA imported $3.68 billion in 2021. Which is a 31.36% increase over 2020. Among which, Bangladesh’s RMG share has holds 21.70 percent in 2021.

Among other top denim exporting countries to the USA – Mexico $654.87 million worth denim in the USA, growing by 39.60% on a Y-o-Y basis, while Vietnam export valued at $402.29 million in 2021.

On the other hand, Pakistan exported $389.76 million worth of denim, noticing a 54.80% growth compared to the previous year.

While China exported $387.91 million worth of denim apparel to the USA in 2021.

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