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How Bangladeshi RMG manufacturers should go for branding the Green Factory?

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Bangladesh is now home to the highest number of platinum-rated garment factories in the world. Twenty-five Bangladeshi factories have achieved the highest certificate provided by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Seven out of the top 10 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified factories worldwide are located in Bangladesh. Besides, a huge number of factories are going to green for sustainable business.

LEED certified garment Factories in Bangladesh
Source: BGMEA


But many industry leaders informed that Green Factory is not getting any special benefit from buyers regarding product price. On the other hand, we see brands are always talking about sustainable production processes mostly on Green Manufacturing because this can add value to their product and increase brand image. So, as a sustainable partner RMG manufacturers want an extended hand to get few cents from brands for green and sustainable products.

In this regard how should buyers come forward to value these Green Factories? And how Bangladeshi RMG manufacturers should go for branding the Green Factory?

Humayun Salim, Managing Director, Khantex Fashions Limited

Humayun Salim, MD, Khantex Fashions Limited

We are100% Export Oriented LEED Certified Green Garment Industries and we are satisfied with this. Green factories give lots of benefits and it is important for our future generation.

We still could not make understand our buyers the benefits of a green factory. We need to improve our negotiations and presentation skill.

Rajiv Kamrul Huq, Managing Director, Aspire Garments Ltd

Rajiv Kamrul Huq, MD Aspire Garments Ltd

To highlight our green factories, maybe a special tag can be developed, which would say: ‘This garment is sourced from a green factory’. It has to be a joint initiative by USGBC and the brands.

The product would thus be considered sustainable.

Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Managing Director, Cute Dress Industry Ltd

Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Managing Director, Cute Dress Industry Ltd

Bangladesh RMG industry has become not only the world’s safest but also the world’s greenest. In general, the green industry itself has a cost-saving process and it is a great tool to showcase the world that we are the responsible manufacturer.

In terms of the brand’s purchasing practice; ethical, traceable, transparent and sustainable production are merely a few terms of a selling point unless someone doesn’t believe it like a religion.

If your business believe in this, then it will be easy to spend or contribute something extra who is practicing sustainable production. The world consumer market is also a bit far away from that belief.

Md. Rafiqul Haq, Managing Director, Versatile Group

Md. Rafiqul Haq, MD, Versatile Group

I think, green factory and product price totally different issues it depends on business nature. Green factory means not they deliver the best quality product, it’s just recognition.

Buyers come to Bangladesh due to lower prices and cheap labor costs.  So, we need to share the buyer with our positive story.

Ranjan Bhattacharjee, General Manager, (Operation), PN Composite Ltd

Ranjan Bhattacharjee, GM, PN Composite Ltd

Green is the most important in our life. Green does not cost it’s an investment for utilizing our resources.

I think manufacturers should delivery green concepts for their employees.  Besides the need to present our industry good practice to our buyer.

Gazi Ahmad Hasan, Chairman, Fashion Flash Ltd

Gazi Ahmed Hossain Fashion Flash

From last December we are facing lots of challenges including worker salary increases, US-China Trade war, etc. Factory owners already made huge investments to make green factories with high expectations, but buyers would not give more price. Few numbers of buyers would pay the right price for the high-end product.

Md. Moniruzzaman, Managing Director, Fiat Fashion Ltd

Moniruzzaman Fiat Fashion

The green factory is not a simple factory with engaged huge investment. Buyers always looking for opportunities in which countries give a low price.  Due to internal competition buyers offer a low price.

So we need to sit together to make a minimum standard price with product category.

Ananta Ahmed, Managing Director of 360 TSL

Ananta Ahmed 360 tsl

About green certification, my opinion is we need to practice green for our own benefits to reduce cost and increase productivity. Buyers will not pay and they do not have to. A company, when practice Green, they can save 25%+ energy and increase productivity by 10% to 20%. And at the same time, it becomes environment-friendly. Green recognition will give the project a competing power. Also, help to comply with all kinds of buyers requirements like Higg Index or GRI reporting, etc.

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