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Bangladeshi scientists in fiber research

Tarannum Afrin, a Bangladeshi scientist, has proved that the scientists of Bangladesh are not lagging behind in terms of research

Afrin studied at Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX). Her decision to study in Textile Engineering was quite challenging.  Afreen, was a student of the 24th batch of Butex. She said that only 12 girls were admitted in their batch. There were many misconceptions that girls would not be able to do the kind of work that has to be done in textile sector. But she did not stop and took it as a challenge and the results were also sweet.

Figure: Bangladeshi Tarannum’s invention on bamboo fibre will protect people from the harmful sun rays.

She passed her B.Sc. degree in the first class. Then she received a Commonwealth Scholarship and flew to the United Kingdom. For this scholarship she had to fight with all the best talents in the country. She also received a scholarship to study at the Metropolitan University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. From there she completed his M.Sc. degree. Then she came to Deccan University in Australia to do her PhD in Materials Engineering.

She has recently been featured lady scientist in the United States and Australia for her research on fiber, and has even been reported in science journals and magazines in that country.  In these reports, his PhD project has been called a ‘Breakthrough’.

She has also work on nanotechnology, microbiology and sustainability. As a student, she attracted the attention of the US and Australian media. Multiple interviews about her were published in various radio, television and newspapers.

Tarannum Afrin said that she has worked on bamboo fiber and she has invented an environmentally friendly production method.

She also identified a chemical compound from bamboo, which will protect people from the harmful sun rays. In addition, bamboo fiber is a kind of natural fiber, so it can be used as an alternative to cotton. Scientists are hopeful that her invented production method will be environmentally friendly and cheap. After completing her PhD, she worked at a university for a few days. Now Afrin is working as a laboratory manager at Charles Parsons.

Material scientist Afrin has more identity in the profession. She is not only a researcher, but also a logician, musician, news reader and teacher. She likes to sing semi-classical and melon-rock songs. She won first place in the 16th National Television Debate while studying at Butex.

Tarannum Afrin is a shining example of how women can succeed with challenges. Now the girls who are studying in Textile Engineering. At present, not only in Bangladesh but all over the world, girls studying textile engineering are following Tarannum Afrin as their idol.

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