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Dr. Nazmul Karim wins to commercialize graphene e-textiles

Bangladeshi engineer Dr. Nazmul Karim, a Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the National Graphene Institute, the University of Manchester has been awarded £35,000 from the Innovate UK Innovation to Commercialization University Research (ICURe) fund to validate commercial potentialities of graphene textiles research.

Dr. Nazmul Karim wins award
Figure: Dr. Nazmul Karim wins an award to commercialize graphene e-textiles.

The graphene-based technology developed at the University of Manchester lab is able to produce very high volumes of graphene textiles at high speed using existing textile process and machinery.

Moreover, the graphene textiles made using the technology are multifunctional. Therefore it has the potential to be used in various applications such as medical, sportswear, fitness, space suits, military, and fashion garments.

The graphene-based e-textiles technology could be used to make the world’s first patient warming garment, which would be as flexible and comfortable as our daily clothing and revolutionize patient care in hospitals.

Graphene is the world’s first two-dimensional material, an atom is a million times thinner than the diameter of a single human hair. It has some amazing properties, it is fantastically strong, very light, extremely flexible, and highly transparent and it conducts electricity and heat better than almost any other material.

Dr. Nazmul Karim said, “I am extremely delighted and consider myself very fortunate to be part of Innovate UK ICURe program. It is a great opportunity to put full-time focused efforts on exploring the commercial potentialities of our graphene textiles research. I look forward to meeting industry experts around the world in next three months to validate the commercial importance of our research.”

Dr. Nazmul completed his B.Sc. in Textile Technology from Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex), Dhaka. He also achieved M.Sc. in Textile Science and Technology from the University of Manchester and achieved a Ph.D. and Post-doctoral from the same university. He is also an honorary Technical Editor of Bangladesh Textile Today.

“Our vision at Graphene@Manchester is to build a thriving knowledge-based economy with the aim to take graphene out of the lab to real-world applications. Projects such as these are key in the development of graphene and 2D materials,” Said James Baker, Graphene@Manchester CEO.

Graphene@Manchester is an ongoing program of activity to ensure that Manchester and the UK play a leading international role in developing graphene and 2D materials. The National Graphene Institute together with the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre(due to open later this year) aims to create a critical mass of expertise made up of scientists, manufacturers, engineers, innovators, investors, and industrialists to build a thriving knowledge-based economy.

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