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Where I belong: Heimtextil’s 2020/21 trend theme

The world-leading textile trade fair, Heimtextil, celebrated its fiftieth event in January in Messe Frankfurt, Germany with 3,000 companies from 65 countries who presented their innovations at the largest trade fair for home and contract clothing. Heimtextil guided the new trend season for 2020/21 where it was launched with the theme “Where I Belong”.



This season, Director Anne Marie, Commandeur, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam together with London-based studio FranklinTill and Danish Agency SPOTT have contributed to the 2020/21 global forecast for trends and business.

Trend spaces

In the “trend space” area of ​​Heimtextil, fair organizers worked with designers to showcase sustainable materials used in creative ways. Bark cloth, (made from the bark of the East African mutuba fig tree), BARKTEX (vegan material 99% bio-based) and TENCEL x REFIBRA are the renowned sustainable products of Heimtextil.

“The purpose was to reduce the impact of the environment by choosing materials in a sensible way,” said Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles and Textile Technologies of Messe Frankfurt.

Maximum glam

Most of the glam, which can present itself in various ways, from fake fur to pile, jacquard weaves and elaborate prints, was seen on the show. The colors are crisp, luminous and electronic, 3-D ornamental surface effects, from fluorescent pink to neon green. This fabric is made by Liva Line, located in Bursa, Turkey.

“The glam factor will be back in the interior as well,” said Schwenzfeier of Heimtextil. “We already see it in fashion, but now it is more visible and bold in the interior textile statement.

Pure spiritual

This aesthetic is idealistic for purity and long-lasting perfectionism. About restoring the balance between authentic spiritual nature. Instead, many manufacturers are using natural-based ingredients, such as jute and pine bark textiles to create colors and materials. Neutral pantone colors reflecting these earth tones were seen at the fair called Totomoxtle created by product and material designer Fernando Laposse of Mexico.

Schwenzfeier said, “Popular colors are beige and taupe – colors that are very relaxing as people want to feel more comfortable and this is a digital detox operation.”

Active urban

Activated Urban values ​​a viable, adaptable solution for an active, urban life. An active urban lifestyle has led to a trend where manufacturers are using performance-grade materials. Carvico, an Italian manufacturer that has made swimwear for companies such as Adidas and Speedo since the 1960s, is now creating a wide range of furnishings for use with the same high-performance materials.

Heritage lux

This new narrative translates into a love of luxury and splendor, decoration and decoration. It details this style of preserving history while displaying a new luxury that represents today’s emerging values. Manufacturers presented beautiful sumptuous quilted velvet manufactured by British Velvets Ltd of Burnley, Lancashire in England.


According to Heimtextil, when textiles and materials are loaded with historical context and conceived in a modern and digital realm. According to the book of Heimtextil Trends 20/21, nostalgia facilitates turbulent times that explain the repetition of trends throughout history. The Spanish designer is designing prints digitally with socio-cultural, environmental and humanitarian elements under the title of Sergio Gramage, its chief executive.

Sensitive surfaces

Exotic luxury fabrics were seen at the fair. Examples of sensitive silky velour and liquids were drapeable materials, including glossy surfaces of soft liquids, both of which were predicted in the book Heimtextil Trends 20/21. One of the exhibitor Turkey’s Melih Aker creates fancy and contemporary designs in textile drawers, jacquard fabrics for tie and pillow fabrics.

Heimtextil’s commitment to sustainability

For the first time, the United Nations Partnership Office has presented the global ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ at Heimextil and invites industry participants to participate in an intensive dialogue. The United Nations Office for Partnerships welcomes and appreciates the innovative work of the exhibitors and the variety of sustainable textiles presented in Frankfurt.

According to Heimtextill’s Director of Marketing Communications, Thimo Schwenzfeier, approximately 98% of companies that participate in Heimtextil are involved in sustainability in some way.

Detlef Braun, a member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt, said that Messe Frankfurt has been promoting sustainability at textile events worldwide for more than ten years, under the Textile experts Network.

Applying the right sustainable practices is going to become more mainstream in the near future. “If a company doesn’t set up proper sustainable production in ten years, they can no longer exist,” predicts Schwenzfeier.

Messe Frankfurt and Inexmoda have announced a new trade show for America, Hemetextile Colombia, to be held in Colombia, South America. The most successful textile and fashion trade show for this market is the Latin American Fashion Institute creator Inexmoda, licensed by Messe Frankfurt, owner of Hemetextili, which will open its doors for the first time from 27 to 29 April 2021.

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