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BeSoRESPONSIBLE – CHT focuses on the sustainable production of textiles

Clothing is essential for our life. Textile production requires an enormous amount of energy and water. Did you know that currently, the fashion industry uses around 79 million cubic meters of water per year? It is time to change it! Let’s use our resources responsibly!

Figure 1: CHT focuses on the sustainable production of textiles. Courtesy: www.gettyimages.de

With BeSoRESPONSIBLE, CHT has developed a solution for the sustainable dyeing of textiles. The products’ selection for these processes excludes for environment harmful substances from the dyeing process. The special products allow to work with significantly less water.

In addition to the resulting conservation of our valuable water resources, the CO2 footprint is reduced. Dyeing textiles by using the exhaust process always leads to a high expenditure of energy to heat the water for dyeing and rinsing to the necessary temperatures. Less water = lower energy consumption.

Figure 2: Diagram “4 Success”. Courtesy: CHT Germany GmbH.

BeSoRESPONSIBLE is a Best Solution System which can be individually tailored to the individual requirements and ensures an optimal efficiency during the entire textile dyeing process for an environmentally friendly and safe production.

BeSo RESPONSIBLE leads to resource-efficient textile production through process optimization in the CEL, PES, PA and WO dyeing. The system enables to save up to 40% water, 30% energy, 45% time as well as chemicals in production. The achievable savings in resources to relieve the burden of the environment also lead to cost reduction.

Textiles that are dyed according to BeSoRESPONSIBLE give the partners the confidence and the opportunity to offer a sustainably manufactured product. We must rethink it – our resources are finite.

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