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Better Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Any tourist visiting Barcelona will be paralyzed by the beauty of the city, which always captures the heart of visitors. In the midst of this overwhelming beauty of this ever-virgin princess city tourists also experience the untold dark side – thieves, muggers, frauds, etc. – in Barcelona.

ITMA 2019 in Barcelona
Figure 1: Visitors from around the globe flock to ITMA 2019 in Barcelona.

The situation in 2011 when the ITMA was held in Barcelona and the situation at present have not altered at all. In 2019 ITMA, people from Barcelona and from other countries have warned the visitors of ITMA to stay vigilant.

Though this year it is heard less about mugging or fraud incidents, security concerns are still looking like a dark cloud threatening to burst anytime. As one of my close colleagues has been pickpocketed.

So, Barcelona is like the most exquisite rose with thrones adorning for its admirer.

Weather and infrastructure

This year’s ITMA was held June – usually held in September to November period – meaning at the start of summer here in Barcelona. Weather in Barcelona is always pleasant than other surrounding Catalonian cities.

All the exhibitors and the visitors are lucky that they do not have to endure the true heat of this summer –boiling heat across Europe. It was sunny and pleasant weather throughout the seven days of the ITMA exhibition. And great for seeing the new innovations and machinery, and of course exploring the city of Barcelona and its beauty.

Textile Today team BD visitors @ ITMA 2019
Figure 2: Visitors could explore Barcelona in sunny weather all through seven days during exhibitions.

Visitors got a bad impression while found the Barcelona airport was not at all ready for hosting an event like ITMA. Because all the visitors had a horrible experience at the Barcelona airport. Arriving passengers had to wait in long queues at immigration. Immigration booths were insufficient and severely slow in contrast to a number of people, which was really frustrating. And Barcelona needs to improve this perilous situation of its airport. Considering one of the biggest events is happening there.

Visitors moved around the city easily, thanks to the excellent city traffic and transportation system. Cheap fair and availability of taxis and metros ensured reaching destinations fairly easily.

The accommodation was really expensive. Because of the ITMA exhibition, accommodation costs have gone up by many folds, which made difficulties for the visitors.

In 2011 ITMA exhibition, it had provided free city cards for one week for the visitors. Which was really helpful for the visitors to move around the city. But this year ITMA did not provide anything like that. It was very frustrating and disappointing, as visitors pay a lot of money to do registration, travel, accommodation, etc.

Visitors, particularly from Bangladesh in this year’s ITMA, increased as the June-July season is the end offseason in Bangladesh textile and apparel industry, also after Eid factories were started to open, also a lot of Bangladeshis came to tour Europe with their family on this vacation.

In the previous ITMA exhibitions, the main crowd usually visits within the first five days. But this year throughout the 7 days of the exhibition people remained in large numbers as some came to visit after having a vacation and some went to touring Europe or went watching ICC cricket men’s world cup 2019 in the UK during and after the exhibition with their families to spend their vacation pleasantly.

Modhur Canteen

Bangladeeshi's at Modhur Canteen, Barcelona
Figure 3: Bangladeshi visitors get together at Modhur Canteen in Barcelona.

One of the very good thing in Barcelona is its food restaurants. Visitors had a mixed taste with Arabian or Turkish dish available for Muslims. Also, subcontinental taste from Indian or Pakistani restaurants.

But most surprising thing was to get Modhur Canteen in Barcelona, which became a get-together place for the Bangladeshi visitors and community in Barcelona. Every evening Bangladeshi visitors from different parts of the city gathered to the restaurant to have dinner. So, in Barcelona, the best thing you could enjoy is having Dal-Vat in a Bangladeshi restaurant called Madhur Canteen.

July issue will try to give you a brief idea about developments showcased in ITMA exhibition. Enjoy the ITMA review issue. We welcome contributions, from visitors having a critical analysis of technologies which we will cover in the coming issues.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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