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BGMEA delegation meets Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark

A joint BGMEA-CBS event took place at the Copenhagen Business School recently.

Gavin Bridge, Professor, University of Durham; Gary Gereffi, Duke University (Visiting Professor of CBS; Martin Skrydstrup, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Society and Communication CBS; Søren Jeppesen, Associate Professor at CBS, SMEs, CSR, Entrepreneurship and Employment; Peter Lund-Thomsen, Ph.D. Professor, Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability in Developing Countries, CBS.

BGMEA delegation meets Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
Figure: The BGMEA delegation discussed about the advancement of the industry in the area of sustainability in recent times.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan along with Vice President Miran Ali, BGMEA Directors Abdullah Hil Rakib, Barrister Vidiya Amrit Khan, Imranur Rahman, Neela Hosna Ara, and Chair of BGMEA Standing Committee on Foreign Mission Cell Shams Mahmud also attended the event.

The Copenhagen Business School in connection with an ongoing project on global value chains and climate change organize this joint dialogue to understand about status quo, strategic plans and ongoing activities of the Bangladesh apparel industry.

The BGMEA delegation discussed about the advancement of the industry in the area of sustainability in recent times. Industry has recently been engaged in a number of new (national-level and international-level) initiatives including LEED factories, the international Sustainable Terms of Trade Initiative, RMG sustainability, UN fashion industry charter for Climate Action.

Expressing thanks for organizing the dialogue, BGMEA President Faruque Hassan sought cooperation of the academicians and researchers of CBS and other scholars to share the new narrative of the RMG industry of Bangladesh.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan said, “Bangladesh, is one of the lowest carbon emitters of the world yet we are one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. Being the 2nd largest apparel exporter of the world we have taken the issue of climate change at the core of our business strategies. We have by far the highest number of LEED green factories in the world.”

We have entered into the UN Fashion industry charter for Climate action with a goal to support emission reduction of the industry by 30%. We are happy that CBS invited us to learn about our stride in the area of sustainability, more such project will provide us with research-based knowledge and ideas that would help the industry to proceed through the right path. I look forward to such engagement in the future too, he added.

Professor Peter Lund of CBS said “It was a very fruitful exchange of views between CBS thought leaders and BGMEA leadership about the prospects and challenges of greening the European and Bangladesh garment and textile industries. This was the first annual CBS and BGMEA meeting. We are hoping that this will be a recurring event and look forward to welcoming BGMEA back to CBS again.”

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