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BGMEA-Maya to jointly provide free health services to RMG workers

BGMEA and Maya have signed an agreement to provide free services that will help prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19, while also addressing general medical and mental health-related issues amongst RMG workers.

BGMEA President Dr. Rubana Huq and Founder and CEO of Maya Ivy Huq Russel inked the collaborative agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.

Figure: Workers will be able to ask unlimited questions about physical and mental health concerns and get answers from certified doctors and mental health specialists.

The services provided by Maya to BGMEA are the following:

  1. Maya App:
  2. Users will be able to ask unlimited questions about physical and mental health concerns and get answers from certified doctors and mental health specialists.
  3. Factory workers will be prioritized when receiving answers to their queries. Our goal is to answer their queries within an hour.

iii. Users will be provided with digital prescriptions on their phone, when needed, which can be used to order medicine in Maya or be used to buy drugs at pharmacies.

  1. Toll-Free Hotline: Factory workers can directly call our doctors and counselors through a dedicated hotline established only for RMG workers. The hotline will not charge the workers as the full cost will be borne by Maya.
  2. Toll-free SMS: Factory workers who do not have smartphones can send questions through SMS to our doctors and counsellors and receive their answers through SMS. The factory workers will not be charged for any SMS as Maya will bear the full cost.
  3. Video Calling: Once launched, factory workers can make video calls with doctors and counsellors, which will provide a feeling of assurance and relief to factory workers who are in constant risk during the COVID-19 crises. Maya can work with factories to provide access for workers without smartphones.

Customized Dashboard: Maya will provide customized dashboards for BGMEA and factories, which will provide real-time data on factory workers.

Monthly Reports: Monthly reports will provide insights and analysis of worker consultations from all platforms.

Costs related to Maya’s services offered to BGMEA including Maya App, Toll-free hotline, Toll-free SMS, Customized Dashboard and Monthly Reports, will be borne by Maya. Neither BGMEA nor RMG workers will be required to pay for any of the services during the agreed timeline.

Maya is an anonymous platform where users can ask any questions to Maya’s licensed doctors and mental health counselors, related to medical, health and well-being, psychological, social, lifestyle and fitness concerns via app and web.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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