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BGMEA refutes misinformed report

Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) said that recently a leading daily newspaper in Bangladesh the Daily Star has published a photo on Tuesday, December 3 portraying an RMG worker participating in a hunger strike over alleged physical abuse at Green Sweater, a garment manufacturer in Gazipur. The photo caption also states that the RMG factory owes her money.

BGMEA disproves Daily Star news

BGMEA would like to point out that Umme Salma, the woman in the picture, is not an RMG worker but a machine supplier. She has sued the Managing Director of the factory for not paying dues and threats by goons on Tuesday, which contradicts The Daily Star’s statement that she had filed a case back in October.

BGMEA officials spoke to her personally on Tuesday and confirmed that this woman had been in business with the Gazipur factory, Green Sweater, which is not a BGMEA member. BGMEA expects that newspapers would publish reports based on valid information. It does not benefit anyone to unduly tarnish the image of the Bangladesh RMG industry because of a misrepresented isolated case.

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