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Bibi Russel, one of the top ten female fashion designers of the world

Fashion, in broad sense, global fashion is in stream of continuous change or modification for a taste variation. Technology has a great impact on a rapid change of fashion designing and appearances. Those who are discovering new fashion and keep making renovation in designing new fashions and vogues are the centre of fashion designing history; and this history gets excellence while women are adorned.  As a part of International Women’s Day Fashion ComPassion has declared top ten world’s female fashion designer. Millions of people across the globe came together to celebrate these women and their achievements, who are bringing positive change to the catwalks, and to wardrobes worldwide; Among them the 4th is Bangladesh’s very own Bibi Russel. As a Part of  Fashon ComPassion’s focus towards sustainable fashion, they recognized Bibi’s outstanding contribution for the village artisans working at remote places in Bangladesh.


As per Fashion Compassion, Bibi was an incredible model and fashion designer who rose to celebrity in the late 70s and early 80s, now she works to set up a root that is much closer to her heart: the scrape of the hand woven textile industries and their workers in her native Bangladesh. Bibi is currently upholding Bangladeshi fabrics and handicrafts for domestic and international markets under the slogans ‘Fashion for Development and Positive Bangladesh’. Her work has been internationally memorable having received among others, The world best women in 1997 by ‘L’ magazine, the ‘Honorary Fellowship’ of the London Institute in 1999, title of ‘Designer for Development’ by the UNESCO in 1999, the title ‘Artist for Peace’ by the UNESCO in 2001, the Peace Prize 2004 by the United Nations Associations of Spain, Urban Angel Award 2011 by New York, Theological Seminar and Vision Award 2011 by Vision Sameet, Germany. Hence the new award is another feather in her crown but it has a separate significance as it is more recognizing her current activities that is, ‘Fashion designing’. By the end of last year while Bibi was talking to a local magazine called ‘Muslin’ expressed that she has engaged her everything for the betterment of the local weaving artisans here in Bangladesh. She also told that she feels proud being a designer for them and the success of giving them a better return for their work is the ultimate strength fuels her to face such an adverse situation working in Bangladesh for the remote undeveloped artisans.  Awarding her and other leading female designers, the announcer expressed that fashion is personal and it should generate a positive influence for all concerned. Their aim is to craft real positive social change through fashion and empowering women and communities through skill training, opening new markets and investing in social projects. It is to be mentioned that Bibi Russel also has been awarded with ICTA 2012 Design Award handed over to her in ‘International Conference on Textile & Apparel’ held in Dhaka in November 2012.

Among others of the top ten female fashion heavy weights, Livia Firth has been declared 1st who is the Creative Director of Eco Age and Co founder of the Green Carpet Challenge. Livia has been champing sustainable chic and innovation at some of the world’s biggest red carpet events. Since the conception of the Green Carpet Challenge, Livia have shown supporters how to go green in style.

Lucy Siegle a Journalist and broadcaster specialising in environmental and social justice has been declared 2nd. She flies the flag for the nation, whether she’s on a mission to bring ethical living to our living rooms or get attention to the sheer waste we generate.

Orsola De Castro founder of ethical fashion label From Somewhere and Estethica was at 3rd position. She is a worldwide renowned pacemaker and outlook leader in sustainable fashion. She creates the latest fashion concept in order to establish a balance between consumption and disposal.

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