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Biocrystal® innovation at Interzum

The Interzum fair held recently in Cologne, Germany. With approximately 75 000 people visiting the fair, the company was exhibiting the Biocrystal® innovation with its upgraded forms of application, and even further possibilities of implementation into various kinds of end products, says a recent press release.

Biocrystal, Interzum
Figure: Biocrystal® innovation at Interzum.

As a completely natural innovation, based on 100% natural materials, Biocrystal® is scientifically proven to bring only the positive impact to the human’s body, encouraging better energy flow, reduced fatigue, better sleep and less stress to the people using a product with Biocrystal®.

Considering the interest of visitors, as well as other exhibitors of the fair, Biocrystal® is received as an innovation with a huge potential to offer what market today is missing – an active treatment for customers’ well-being experience through an added value for everyday products.

Zillion ways of application

 The company was happy to present to the Interzum’s audience new and improved ways of Biocrystal® application into a wide range of products.

With constant investments into technology, Biocrystal® mixture is grinded into the particles size less the one micron, which makes the mixture easily implementable into the products such as textile fiber for yarn production.

Other ways of Biocrystal® application were also presented at this year’s Interzum fair, such as foam, thread and textile with Biocrystal® implemented inside, as well as semi-products such as Biocrystal® SleePad™ and PillowPad™ intended for easy implementation into bedding products.

Other than proven efficiency, an extremely easy and cost-efficient application of technology was underlined as another advantage of Biocrystal®, during the numerous business meetings held for 4 days of fair.

Interzum Speakers corner

Considering this year was the 60th anniversary of the Interzum fair, many special events were following this occasion. Among the most noticed ones was Interzum Speakers corner, where Biocrystal’s story of innovation was presented by the company’s Sales specialist Mrs. Slavica Smolic.

Biocrystal at Interzum

Having a presentation on the importance of innovation for market success, Mrs. Smolic underlined a need of producers to innovate their offer by following modern people’s needs which are related to efficient rest provided by and active treatment of everyday products. Explaining how exactly Biocrystal® innovation answers those needs, she stressed out the main beneficial and proven impact of Biocrystal® – improving the energy flow in the user’s body, which afterward leads to other improvements needed for a top-quality life.

“The innovation which gives the opportunity to customers to renew the energy, using only natural resources will be the ones to provide market success to many companies and many industries. The era of new products, the active product is actually starting with Biocrystal®”, she concluded.

At this year’s Interzum fair, Biocrystal® confirmed its position as an innovation No. 1 for a wide range of products, especially for industries such as textile, bedding and furniture industry, especially needed by the companies that pay special attention to providing the best customer experience.

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