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Biocrystal® technology applied in most expensive and luxurious mattresses in Russia

Highly efficient Biocrystal® technology based on scientifically proven mixture of 16 crystals, gold and silver has been applied to one of the most expensive mattresses of all time, handcrafted in Russia, says a press release.

Elite mattress 009, Biocrystal® technology

Elite mattress 009 by Mr. Mattress is produced in Russia and combines the finest technologies provided by various European countries. Biocrystal® technology originally developed and produced in Croatia is accompanied by other natural materials exclusively used for the production of this luxurious mattress.

Biocrystal® efficiency for luxury sleeping adorers

Created to give a perfect comfort while sleeping, this luxurious mattress 009 gives the ultimate experience of re-energization to its user, powered by the unique Biocrystal® Technology which is inserted between the layers of mattress. According to the numerous researches, Biocrystal® impacts positively and provides improved body energy flow, reduced level of stress, reduced fatigue and efficient sleep.

Handmade components, organic natural materials

Tne ‘009′ elite mattress by Mr. Mattress is powered by Biocrystal® and made with high-quality, all-natural materials, handmade mattress components, rare fabrics, stuffing and stitching.  The most expensive Russian mattress is handmade with layers of organic natural materials like Biocrystal®, cotton, wool, feathers, and horsehair, all of which has a proven functionality when it comes to perfect sleep environment.

Nine skilled craftsmen take exactly 9 days each to produce one mattress, and this is by far the most luxurious and most expensive mattress on the Russian market at present.

Exquisite technologies applied

Combining Biocrystal® Technology, with Tripple tufted technology and garment-dyed technology makes the production pattern unrepeatable, therefor each elite 009 mattress is unique and represents how all-natural materials, ultimate form and unmistakable functionality together give one perfect aesthetic.

A price that promises

To get to sleep on this luxurious mattress with Biocrystal® inside, it takes to be a millionaire in Russian currency, as it costs approximately 1.000.000 Russian rubles. Talking in European currency, this elite mattress costs around 15.000€ and the price is indicated by its uniqueness, originality, production time and procedure, quality, efficiency guaranteed by Biocrystal® and other all-natural materials, as well as the 30-years warranty.

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