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Biozyme >> Successful inception of Bio scouring for water, energy and chemical savings

biozymeNorthern Corporation is one of the good performing composite knit factory situated in Tongi BSCIC. The factory has taken number of initiatives to save energy, water and chemical use in their operations. The dye house of Northern Corporation has successfully replaced the traditional per oxide scouring bleaching with bio scouring and still producing top quality fabric for their buyers.

The technology from a reputed multinational Company Enzytex Export,Sri Lanka represented by Biozymes in Bangladesh has been developed and applied with very success by Mr. Ataur Rahman Khokan, Deputy General Manager, Northern Corporation. Mr. Khokan is a veteran textile engineer, working in the factory for long time.

Enzymatic bio scouring instead of chemical bleaching:

Northern process flow diagram shows that it has only 8 cycles of operations in its process while the industry average is 13-15 cycles. They have eliminated the caustic peroxide bleaching for medium and dark color by doing an enzymatic bio scouring instead. This technical change is facilitating them to reduce number of cycles and also resulting to lower use of water, energy and chemicals.  In the same bio scouring bath they can bio polishing as well. In bio scouring Northern need only 55°C temperature for scouring and no further hot wash is required.

Bangladesh Textile Today published an article written by Md. Sazzad Bin wahid (4th Position of Textile Talent Hunt 2010) in July-August 2010 issue. To know the full process of bio scouring the readers are advised to visit http://www.textiletodaybd.com/magazine/printable.php?id=54

To know more about the success story, Bangladesh Textile Today has met Mr. Khokan. Here is the short interview of him for our readers.

BTT: What are the key benefits you are enjoying after implementing this process?
Mr. Khokan: you know, we implement this process in neutral PH condition. So, no need to do any neutralization and peroxide killing. It saves lots of time, water and energy.

Traditional scouring involves the use of harsh chemicals like caustic soda but Bio scouring   treated   under mild condition. As a result no cellulose damage and process loss hence fabric does not loss their weights massively like traditional scouring. Moreover it improves consistent   affinity   for dyes.

BTT: How does it satisfy your buyers in terms of quality?
Mr. Khokan:  You may think that by eliminating some steps we are compromising quality. But in fact the process improves quality. Bio Scouring ensures higher fibre integrity, lower loss of weight and strength. As a result, less power to fibrillation and piller and buyer get more soft and nice touch fabric.

BTT: How the new process is reducing  load on the environment or on your ETP?
Mr. Khokan: As, water consumption is less than conventional process, reducing remarkable load on environment .Moreover  dropped water after scouring  carry neutral PH and lower temperature , result less use of acid in ETP.

BTT: What other process modifications steps you are taking to improve further?
Mr. Khokan: Now, we do bio-scouring and bio-polishing in same bath. Combining bio-scouring and bio polishing also offer considerable time , water and energy savings.

Thanks Mr. Khokan for your time.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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