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Bluesign cloud on the horizon

Bluesign leads in ensuring safe, sustainable and efficient manufacturing in the textile industry. In 2019, Bluesign will fully-integrate its powerful set of tools, taking the system to the next level with a cloud-based platform.

Conscious consumers increasingly want products that are free of harmful chemicals and that have had as little environmental impact as possible. Producers want to meet this demand. Sounds simple enough at first glance. But meeting this demand with reliable claims? There’s a lot of hangtags out there and navigating to the right one is no easy task. Many industry certifications, for example, focus on the end product but say nothing about the substances or practices used in the previous stages of production. Other systems rely on self-reporting, but this opens up for potential errors and false-claims.

A simple solution

Since 2000, Bluesign has provided a simple yet effective solution to both shortcomings: start at the beginning of the manufacturing process, using scientific verification. This approach has led to the collection of vast amounts of chemicals and supplier data that can be utilized via a set of applications. These applications have already worked closely together to ensure that textiles are manufactured using the least but most environmentally friendly resources available. But following increasing requests from stakeholders for collaboration, transparency and traceability, Bluesign began the transformation of its web-based service platform, making it a highly-integrated system that allows partners to interact throughout the whole supply chain. In 2019, this work will culminate with the Bluesign cloud computing solution.

Integration brings new possibilities

The Bluesign cloud computing solution is the science gateway to responsible consumer textile products. This service platform provides continuously growing and updated information, as well as applications related to the Bluesign system. Digitalization brings new opportunities, and Bluesign’s cloud-based integration will provide additional, far-reaching possibilities for the industry and its players. Some of these possibilities include an “advanced search” function to facilitate finding collaboration partners, the ability to create supply chain lists to improve transparency, an automated, verified chemical inventory list and an intelligent dashboard that makes it simple to monitor figures and to check measures for their effectiveness, making it useful as a starting point for decisions. These new features aim to simplify the collaboration and exchange throughout the whole supply chain and will automatically lead to more transparency and traceability for Bluesign’s system partners. The transformation will be implemented incrementally in 2019 and once complete, Bluesign’s service platform will become the first in the industry to contain such a vast quantity of verified data checked against scientific criteria.

Fact box

bluetool: For chemical suppliers, Bluesign’s bluetool is a concerted guide that helps System Partners navigate through the homologation procedure. Bluesign bluetool provides all the necessary information on the evaluation of products and processes. Once products are verified to be in compliance with Bluesign system by means of the Bluesign bluetool, they will be Bluesign approved and made searchable in the Bluesign bluefinder.

Figure: The Bluesign bluefinder is a web-based, advanced search engine for manufacturers containing Bluesign approved chemical products.

bluefinder: Identifying problems is easy but finding solutions requires experience. That’s why Bluesign created the most comprehensive positive list in the industry – always kept up to date. The Bluesign bluefinder is a web-based, advanced search engine for manufacturers containing Bluesign approved chemical products.

blueguide: The Bluesign blueguide is a comprehensive database of garment manufacturers and assemblers as well as brands and retailers containing Bluesign approved materials.

blueXpert: Combining intelligent processes and smart chemistry for increased resource productivity, the Bluesign blueXpert is a productivity calculator for manufacturers allowing process calculation with Bluesign approved chemical products and benchmarking with verified best practice processes.

(Check out the new released cloud computing solution with advanced features on April 10-12, at China Interdye 2019, hall 1, booth A238, Shanghai, China)

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