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Bozzetto group- a century of advanced chemicals and commitment to sustainability

Established in Italy in 1919, Bozzetto Group has constantly grown up in knowledge, experience, and vision, towards the dynamic Global Specialty Chemical Company with 100 years of history which is now.

Bozzetto’s portfolio of chemical specialties
Figure: Bozzetto’s portfolio of chemical specialties includes acrylic polymers, sulfonates, esterification technology, ethoxylated, amides & methylquats, glyoxalic resins, polyester resins, phosphonates, phosphate esters.

A deep knowledge of international markets, combined with local efficient teams, makes Bozzetto Group a world-class player, supported by an international network of modern production plants, efficient sales structures, and outstanding research and applications laboratories.Customer oriented attitude and top-quality standard are the leading principles of Bozzetto Group business model:

purchase of the best raw materials, analytical department organic synthesis and formulation, quality control to comply to regulations and certifications, deep applicative know-how & customer assistance.

Bozzetto contribute to a responsibly safe future every day

Chemical companies have always been considered as great pollutants both due to gas emissions and wastewaters as well as the type of raw materials and processed products.

As a world-class chemical company, they have made sustainability the main engine of development. They are not only aware of our responsibility, but above all they believe that contribution to a cleaner and safer future is of fundamental importance and their voice a powerful megaphone to drive change.

Continuous investments in eco-sustainability span over these different scopes-

  • Search for and selection of the most sustainable and effective raw materials;
  • Removal of undesirable substances from our products and production processes in favor of low-toxicity products for the human being and the environment;
  • Optimization of production processes to minimize waste and consumption of water and energy as well as products in our plants and in the plants of our partners and customers;
  • Reduction of polluting emissions in the atmosphere and in wastewater;
  • Use of electric energy coming from renewable sources;
  • Certification by external public and private bodies.

The strength of their daily commitment is materializing in various examples, the first of which is the removal of formaldehyde from products.

Formaldehyde is a biological compound generally occurring in nature. It is naturally produced by all living organisms and is present in many different foodstuffs (apples contain up to 20 mg/kg, lobsters up to 100 mg/kg).

Formaldehyde is also naturally released by vegetation (the forests of our planet globally release up to 10 million tons per year). Less than 1% of total emissions derive from industrialization.

Since it is a natural phenomenon, formaldehyde cannot be completely removed and January 2016 saw the introduction of a series of rules concerning the labeling of products containing formaldehyde on the basis of its concentration; the lowest detectable level for which formaldehyde is not considered dangerous and there is no need to point it out on the label is 0.1% (1000 ppm).

Bozzetto’s formulation and R&D teams have managed to develop products with a level of formaldehyde less than 20 ppm, a value 50 times lower than the value prescribed.

Another shining practical example of their green philosophy is the development of compound products to reduce COD (chemical oxygen demand), i.e. the quantity of oxygen required to degrade chemical compounds in wastewater.

While keeping the same active substances and, therefore, the efficacy of the product, the reduction of co-formulants in a compound is intended to reduce its COD, thus making it more easily biodegradable.

Actions carried out so far in triggering a virtual chemical circle have enabled them to achieve a great deal-

  • 3454 non-dangerous items;
  • 184 gots-approved products;
  • We are a bluesign® system partner, with 59 bluesign® approved products;
  • 620 products listed by Inditex (class a);
  • 37 reach-compliant registered substances;
  • Over 100 products registered in the ZDHC gateway;
  • 399 items available for the production of oeko-tex® certified products;
  • All our production sites are iso 9001 and iso 14001 certified;
  • We are members of the responsible care® programme.

Eco-sustainability for the chemical industry is a path that has led them so far and that will lead to a better future with great effort and to great satisfaction.

Sustainable chemical auxiliaries for denim

Bozzetto Group has developed products dedicated to denim to minimize the waste of resources and energy and to abate the pollution of wastewater.

For instance, for the preparation stage, they developed a high-performance product, NATRON 350, which significantly reduce the presence of anionic surfactants in the process. It’s the wetting agent for caustification and mercerization and allows quick and uniform prewetting.

Furthermore, they have developed a package of synergic products which guarantees outstanding performance, when used in combination-

  • SULTAFON PCD: high-yield wetting-detergent for continuous and semi-continuous desizing, scouring and bleaching processes of cellulosic fabrics; non-foaming.
  • SEQUION 48/98-I: sequestering, an anti-scaling and dispersing agent with very high biodegradability.
  • CELIDON WB: stabilizer for alkaline bleaching with hydrogen peroxide of cellulose and blends fabrics; surfactants-free and high yield.

For the dyeing stage, their experts suggest dispersing and sequestering agents based on sugar polymers to make the product easily biodegradable enabling the bacteria – naturally present in the sewage – to break molecules more easily-

  • SOLOPOL ZB CONC is a dispersing – sequestering agent, sugar polymer derivative, to improve the migration and leveling of disperse dye during HT dyeing. It is ZDHC certified and bluesign®
  • PERMULSIN ELF EXTRA is a leveling agent to slow down the dye uptake of the yarns helping to produce more uniform color in the textile fiber; it is ZDHC certified and bluesign® approved and formaldehyde free*.

The use of products of synthetic origin for sizing, water soluble and easily removable, prevents the massive use of enzymes to clean the finished fabric-

  • WISAL DNM S is Bozzettos’ revolutionary compound totally synthetic, with more than 50% lower pick-up, and high efficiency on last generation weaving machine.

As regards traditional and fashion finishing, they have a wide range of eco-sustainable, recyclable and certified products or specifically developed for new technologies having a low environmental impact, both for finishing by padding and for garments.

 Their fashion art chemicals for garment product range are designed to work at the highest level of performance and optimization with the main technologies for garments treatment such as wet processing, nano-bubbles technologies, spraying, brushing and whirl processing.

  • FILMY SPECIAL ARENA is a natural inert porous stone that is able to absorb all kind of chemical products. It works as a carrier which transfers chemicals onto garments. This process can save up to 80% of water consumption and up to 50% of the heat energy needed during the application.

Furthermore, Filmy Special Arena can be re-used to apply the same effect during consecutive processing of the same finishing application.

  • SPRINKLE is the new range of products specially developed by Bozzetto for production technologies and machinery that use air instead of water to convey the chemicals to the fabrics. In air-based technology, the water and chemical additives evenly spread on the surface of air nano-bubbles, forming their skin, in a homogeneous The chemicals are then transferred from the nano-bubbles skin to the garments, providing an even and repeatable effect. It allows sensitive water and energy savings without compromising the effectiveness of the chemical.

These effective and innovative products enable them to process finished denim items to inspire fashion collections that are always fresh and sustainable for display in glamorous showrooms.

*Formaldehyde-free means that the formaldehyde level is more than 50 times lower than the value prescribed

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