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Brexit and COVID-19 affect UK apparel imports

The import of apparel by the United Kingdom was badly hit by Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, also UK’s apparel import has been declining from 2019, when it became imminent that Brexit is going to take place.

Brexit Uk imports
Figure: UK’s apparel imports peaked in 2018 at $26.502 billion, compared to $24.308 billion in 2017.

The subsequent onset of COVID-19 only increased this declining trend. However, home textiles imports performed better in 2020.

UK’s apparel imports peaked in 2018 at $26.502 billion, compared to $24.308 billion in 2017.

Basically, the declining trend started since 2019 when the import value was $25.809 billion.

After that, in 2020, it further decreased to $22.943 billion and 20.886 billion in 2021.It stood at $7.634 billion in the first four months of this year.

However, home textiles imports decreased only last year to $4.212 billion in 2021 from its peak of $7.974 billion in 2020.

The value of imports was almost at the same level in the preceding three years – $5.364 billion in 2017, $5.548 billion in 2018 and $5.593 billion in 2019. The figure stood at $1.274 billion in January-April 2022, according to analysis.

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