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Britacel and BST natural products to help sustainability beyond ZDHC requirements

ZDHC (Zero Discharge to Hazardous Chemicals) as a global platform wanted to set a harmonized global standard of ‘clean and safe input’, ‘control process’ and ‘environment safe output’.


If all textile process house can ensure best available sustainable chemistry as input raw material at their plants and they can fine-tune their process with high efficient advanced new generation technology where water and energy saving are available and final output control in terms of air emission and water discharge then the whole value chain of process house can be termed as long term sustainability.

Britacel and Beyond Surface Technology (BST) provide high-value effects for textile surfaces using sustainable technologies. BST’s product line for sustainable feedstock chemistry, miDori® products are developed from plant seed oils produced by industrial crops and recently we started working with Algae-based products.

Following are some groundbreaking advantages of miDori® products:

Crops are non-genetically modified

  • Plants do not compete with food crops
  • Crops are grown sustainably
  • Do not destroy natural habitats

Low carbon footprint for oil production

  • Where fossil synthetics release CO2 in production
  • I ton of seed oil product consumes 3 tons of CO2 and significantly reduces water usage in miDori® sustainable technology.

Compatible with standard application technologies

  • GOTS/GREEN SCREEN (TOX by FMD), bluesign®, C2C approved
  • Excellent performance on natural and synthetic fabrics
  • Natural fit with organic/bio cotton fabrics
  • Works on blends and synthetic fabrics
  • Antistatic, no attraction of lint/ dust during

display in the shop Britacel products are all GOTS 5, GREEN SCREEN by TOX, FMD and ECO PASSPORT approved based on social moral to reduce the energy consumption at production end with water-saving, bring in to the industry highly concentrated products which save lots of water (while production), transport (saves fuel/narrow down pollution while transportation), reduction subsequently packaging material which are base of petrochemicals.

Britacel and BST are the companies who are focusing to bring D4, D5, D6 free silicones with the same effect of existing products without affecting the cost of the products. Few products are ready and launched planned by end of march’20.

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