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Brother initiates ‘1 Line Assessment’ project to build the post-COVID-19 apparel industry capacity

Among the export-oriented industries, the apparel industry hit hard all over the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Bangladesh also lost more than $3 bn order and related to the textile and apparel industry, all parties are suffering immensely.

Though there are no lucrative businesses like other times, Brother a 112 years old Japanese company–which provides technology to the apparel industry– has been supporting Bangladeshi apparel manufacturers by its numerous timely measures.

Figure: Visionary  Bangladeshi Country Head of Brother, H N Ashiqur Rahman has been leading his team from the frontline to support the factories in this pandemic.

H N Ashiqur Rahman, newly appointed and first Bangladeshi Country Head of Brother Bangladesh has been leading his team from the frontline to support the factories in this pandemic.

As the first course of action, we have delivered a message to all of our customers by mail, phone call, text that we will be available during the lockdown situation to support them. We thought the situation will may longer at least one month and we have planned for that one month, saying, Ashiqur Rahman.

First of all, we gave some online technical training to our distributors because they give support to the customers directly. At the same time, we have arranged training for our customers on machine maintenance, productivity analysis, power circuit board (PCB), etc.

Usually, for busyness, both customers and we cannot manage time for such activity and that’s why we choose this lockdown time. We have used all online means for those training and this was also great learning for all of us to be habituated with online activity.

Expectedly feedback from customers are tremendous. Most of them said they have utilized their time with us effectively and efficiently.

In the meantime, we have also created a common group in WhatsApp, I should say it a platform for industry peoples where they through their problems and who knows the solution give it instantly.

It is a great achievement for us in this critical situation I should say. We have also developed some troubleshooting audiovisual (AV) which we have shared with all.

We were well-aware that after lockdown when the factories will be opened they will face many problems with the sewing machines. Keeping that mind we have developed some others AV that how can they solve these problems. Regardless of Brother customers, we have shared those AV publicly. Because we wanted to help all the manufacturers as they are in a tough situation and it may help them.

Brother has a rich YouTube channel also Facebook and other online platforms, through these we tried to stand beside our customers all time.

We are also planning a very important project namely ‘1 Line Assessment’ in the garments factory. That will show the benefits by connecting Brother IoT into one of the production lines in the garments factory for one day as a demo. In this assessment program, we will collect cycle time, machine working time & much other information to visualize and recognize the issue in the production line, and we will advise how to utilize the benefits. It takes just a few hours to connect Brother IoT into the factory to experience the IoT world.

By which we will assess the productivity and efficiency of the factories. If we find any issue, we will give suggestions accordingly. Being an industry partner, we will conduct this capacity-building project for free. We believe, if the factory survives, we will survive.

By this time, we have discussed with some customers regarding this assessment and getting a huge response from them.

On the other hand, Brother thinks the main firewood of the company is its employees. And to keep them motivated the company does not lay off a single person rather, Brother has given full salary with increment and bonus.

“I think this is also an example for others. For industry, betterment Brother is always at your side,” Ashiqur Rahman concluded.

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