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BRÜCKNER Heat-recovery and exhaust air pollution control at Getzner AG

Getzner AG in Vorarlberg, Austria is today the leading company for the production of African damask fabrics and one of the leading manufacturers of shirt fashion fabrics.

Brueckner Heat-recovery Getzner
Figure 1: Getzner AG in Bludenz, Austria. Courtesy: Jens Ellensohn, Koblach/A

The new production halls at Getzner AG’s main plant in Bludenz, fabrics are woven and finished for ready-made garments. The fabrics are finished in special processes mainly on new BRÜCKNER stenters.

As substances evaporate from the fabric during the textile finishing processes, the stenters have to be vacuumed off and this exhaust air has to be cleaned before being emitted into the environment.

The exhaust air treatment on the new stenters of Getzner AG is carried out by a multi-stage BRÜCKNER ECO-HEAT and ECO-AIR system.

In the first ECO-HEAT heat-recovery system, heated fresh air is generated for the drying process, which noticeably reduces energy consumption. In the second ECO-HEAT heat-recovery system, water is heated for the company’s internal heating system and thus, depending on the heating requirement, up to 85% of the invested heat energy is recovered.

The pollutants from the exhaust air are condensed and separated in the subsequent ECO-AIR exhaust air scrubber. A silencer behind the exhaust air fan reduces the exhaust noise to a minimum.

Brueckner ECO HEAT air Getzner
Figure 2: BRÜCKNER ECO-HEAT air/air heat-recovery system.

The proven ECO-HEAT components guarantee high heat transfer efficiency and a particularly robust and maintenance-friendly design. Since the heat exchangers have to be cleaned at regular intervals from unavoidable deposits in order to maintain full performance, they are easy to remove. The heat exchangers are boiled regularly in the cleaning bath supplied.

As Getzner AG has replacement heat exchanger modules in stock, the heat exchangers are cleaned without any time pressure.

With this modern multi-stage exhaust air system Getzner AG achieves a high energy efficiency because most of the exhaust air heat is recovered in BRÜCKNER ECO-HEAT systems.

In addition, the picturesque environment is not polluted by smoke, noise, and odors from the production process, thanks to the BRÜCKNER ECO-AIR exhaust air cleaning system.

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