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BUFT Textile Club organizes career guideline seminar for textile engineers

With the warm participation of the guests and speakers from the renowned Epyllion Group, the seminar went successful and very appreciating among the students. On the14th December 2022, the wonderful seminar was arranged by BUFT Textile Club at BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) premises.

BUFT Textile Club organizes career guideline seminar for textile engineers
Figure 1: On the14th December 2022, the wonderful seminar was arranged by BUFT Textile Club at BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) premises.

This was important as the present fresh graduates often suffers from indecision on how to move ahead when they find their desired job application unapproved. A textile engineer should bear in mind that after his graduation he has a vast area to work and grow bigger in career. It is the combination of patience and consistency.

N.A. Gayan Dhanushka – Senior Manager, Group Embellishment Head, Epyllion Group, Ahmed Rezaul Mostafa – H.R Admin & Compliance, Epyllion knitwear Limited, Parvez Ahmed – Assistant Manager, Unit Head Embellishment & Ashik Rahman, Assistant Executive- Embellishment R&D, Epyllion Knitwears Limited were the guests in the seminar.

The seminar began with the delightful speech of Prof Dr Engr Ayub Nabi Khan, honourable Pro VC of the University. Respecting the guests’ presence in the university premises he welcomed and thanked them warmly. He mentioned Epyllion as one of the most reputed companies.

As Textile Engineering Department is a major department of BUFT and students are doing great day by day. He advised the students to “Engage More and Learn More”. Last but not the least he gave cue that this seminar might help them to pay attention. Students can make a good progress, partnership with Epyllion. It will help the students enhance their knowledge and the company to get fresh graduates with skills.

Next, the guest speaker N.A Gayan Dhanushka delivered a beautiful speech. He introduced himself as a graduate in Physical Science at University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. As he said in the world now approximately 8 billion population, among them 3.4 billion are working people. Again, among the working people approximately 430 million people are working on textile industry.

He shared about his career experience that how the starting was and the journey of working with renowned companies. Life has presented him a lot of knowledge and experience. He improved his way of working after so many ups and downs. He strongly advised the students to be punctual and responsible.

Some keys to success are discipline, negotiating skills, understanding people’s emotion, moral ethics and many more. He shared a wonderful story, and it was about mother and child. A child negotiates with mother for feeding. Until a child cries, mother doesn’t feed her child that’s the nature.

We have to earn everything in this world. So, a good relationship must be maintained. And the ego needs to be minimized. Then he shifted to the main theme of the seminar it was the value addition on garments through different Embellishment.

Embellishments were a totally new words for the students. He defined embellishments and its role in product value addition as well as necessity in social life. His focus on value addition scopes of a garments. Popular embellishments are like screen print, embroidery, taping, quilting, cording, bonding and lots of thing.

After embellishment products reach higher attention, value goes top of the margin. He also described how embellishments plays vital role in social movement and camping like as Printing different slogans on top of the garment and grab people’s attraction. Branding is created after embellishment.

BUFT Textile Club organizes career guideline seminar for textile engineers
Figure 2: The seminar began with the delightful speech of Prof Dr Engr Ayub Nabi Khan, honourable Pro VC of the University.

Nike, Adidas, Puma these are top three renowned sports brands. The Printed or Embroidered logo of these brands increase the product sells value. There are many strategies to gain the value for which being commercial is needed. Technical issues are one of those concern.

Bangladeshi Textile Engineers are underrated that’s why they came with a mission to let the students know why embellishment is needed. He mentioned TOMMY HILFIGER shortly “Tommy” as the embellishment. Somebody is wearing “Tommy” society takes it as hype. The main part he indicated was the power of advertisement. It is one of the important parts of embellishment. Embellishment is also one kind of safety.

Then next Keynote Speaker was- Parvez Ahmed emphasized on the current job scopes of a fresh Textile Engineer in different fields of garment and textile industries. Usually fresher’s used to focus on known job scopes like as merchandizing, IE, planning, operations of spinning, fabric, dying, AOP and washing.

Beside these common sections there are some other job role presents in garment industries which is not well known to fresher and many more Textile Engineers. As now a days there is strong competition in common job sector to select career goal a fresher Textile Engineer should use some tactics and make strategic career plan.

Someone who can think out of the box, more scopes are open for him/her. Three big enemies of success, first one Comfort Zone, second is Learned Helplessness and third is always looking for an Easy Way.  To be succeed in professional and personal life he advised to overcome above three enemies.

He overviewed the actual scenario on the potential job scope in textile and RMG sector where still there is a huge gap of technical persons. He reached the students which conveyed a message that if they stick to the target is it possible to achieve. Beside common job sector there are some more growing job field where still there is a huge gap of technical and educated person as a result less competition and easier way to get success based on efforts.

Still having a great career scope in Product Development Centre, Garment Cutting, Garment Accessories and most appealing is Embellishments.  From different types of Embellishments Screen Printing and Embroidery sector have a wide range of job scope for Textile Engineers as there are a large number of Screen Printing and Embroidery Factory in Bangladesh.

As day-by-day buyers quality requirements are increasing, Garment FOB cost is challenging there is a huge scope to optimize the cost through Embellishment. Different chemical, CSR and compliance requirements are coming from buyer in Printing and Embroidery section as a result there now a days factories are looking for Technical Person to face the market challenge. He gave a clear idea about different embellishment working process of both screen print and embroidery with different methods, limitations, major departmental structure, Buyer’s requirements.

Now a days Sustainability is a talk of the topics. Embellishment is included in this sustainable product development journey. CHT is producing Sustainable screen-printing ink. Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute founded in 2010, Oakland (California) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) working on sustainable C2C project.

Lastly, another Guest Speaker Ashik Rahman, former student of BUFT who has recently joined Epyllion Group as an Assistant Executive. He had shared his journey how he got selected into his desirable company. He ensured us that nothing is impossible, if he can do this, anyone tends to do. His story was so Inspiring as a new Epyllion group member.

Lastly, the Dean of Textile Engineering Department Dr. Engr. Abu Bakar Siddique provided the crests and gifts to the guests with earnest love.

BUFT Textile Club members were grateful to the guests for joining the event. Such arrangement should be practiced among the students of different fields as this helps to grow the professional mind-set. Helps the students anchor their target to achieve success in career.

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