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BUSI to reorganize activity for better service to all its partners

Italy-based BUSI GIOVANNI has always been customer-centered, and over the last months, it has started reorganizing staff and restructuring lean manufacturing to provide all customers worldwide with better service.

Such efforts are being made for a while due to our business’s global development, too.

Figure: Demand for BUSI single-cylinder sock-knitting machines is increasingly growing.

Demand for BUSI single-cylinder sock-knitting machines, which are positioned in the premium segment, is increasingly growing, and BUSI family wants to be ready to meet customers’ needs and to face such a new challenging situation promptly and efficiently.

The company’s reliability with its over 60-year experience, our 100% made-in-Italy machines which are certified to be eco-friendly, and recognized very versatile worldwide represent our mission on a global scale.

Classic, patterned, sports, technical-sports, and medical with special solutions for graduated compression socks can be manufactured by BUSI machines.

Our full range of products is divided into three lines, which make the most demanding customers fully satisfied:

Gold Line, superior machines for first-class socks for babies, children, adults

Platinum Line, superior machines for specific requirements

Medical Line, superior machines for certified-compression medical socks in classes 1, 2, 3

Not less important comes our full set of services which counts a good number of useful options.

Among the other BUSI fashion design service and turn-key project are our flagship.

By preferring BUSI sock-knitting machines means making an excellent win-to-win choice for:

  • Unequaled sock quality – Undisputed and incomparable with any other single-cylinder sock-knitting machine builder currently present in the market.
  • Outstanding longevity – The average life of our machines is 25 years, but lots of our customers have been running them for 30 years and longer. Your investment is amortized in 20 years, which makes our machines more economical than others available from competitors.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS AND LOW SPARE PARTS CONSUMPTION – i.e., real extraordinary savings. BUSI machines also hardly stop, which guarantees incredibly high productivity rates.

Visit our website www.busigiovanni.com or contact us at busi@busigiovanni.com

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