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‘BUTEX Entrepreneurial Talk 2018’ held

BUTEX Business Club, arranged ARCHROMA presents ‘Entrepreneurial Talk 2018’ to inspire students and to provide first-hand ideas of entrepreneurship, on 31 October 2018 at BUTEX auditorium in Dhaka. Bangladesh Textile Today was the media partner. BUTEX Business Club President, Imranul Islam shared club activists on his welcome speech.

BUTEX Entrepreneurial Talk -2018
Figure1: Prominent textile industry figures shared their story and illuminated way outs at the ‘BUTEX Entrepreneurial Talk -2018’ organized by BUTEX Business Club.

Some renowned entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of this generation & students of BUTEX came together in BUTEX auditorium to exchange ideas. Among them were- Faruque Hassan, Senior Vice President of BGMEA & MD, Giant Group; Mohammad Quamrul Ashan, MD, Ashan Knit Composite Ltd; Khairul Islam, MD, SAAD Knitwear Ltd; & Mohammad Abdul Matin, MD & CEO, Doctorola.com.

They shared their experience of the sector and gave illuminating suggestions and advice on building up start-ups and new business.

Mohammad Abdul Matin, MD & CEO of Doctorola.com said in his keynote Presentation, “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must be passionate, hardworking & with a long-term vision. Besides, follow these rules:

  1. Taking initiative to solve problems
  2. Finding the right opportunities
  3. Planning for success
  4. Execute the plans
  5. Learning from failures & rejoicing success.”

Mohammad Matin also added, “To start a business, you need to be constantly persistent. You need to have a long-term plan and a relentless mindset. You need to be ready for any sort of uncertainty that comes in your way.”

Sincerity, honesty & dedication is the vital point for an entrepreneur. Said, Mohammad Quamrul Ahsan CIP, Managing Director, Ahsan Knit Composite Ltd.

BUTEX Entrepreneurial Talk 2018 audience
Figure2: Professionals from the Textile Industry and BUTEX students were present at the program.

Success will depend on how you prepare yourself for the long-term goals of the business added Quarmul.

Mr. Khairul Islam, MD, SAAD Knitwear Ltd, exhorted the upcoming entrepreneurs to educate themselves. He said it is not possible to become successful without proper education. He advised the entrepreneurs to think wisely and use their intelligence. Stepping back isn’t an option for the entrepreneurs.

Faruque Hassan, Senior Vice President of BGMEA & Managing Director, Giant Group discussed challenges and opportunities of the RMG sector.

Bangladesh RMG industry is now one of the safest and have the highest green factory in the world. We are going to diversify our products and going to new markets.

Faruque Hassan, Senior Vice President, BGMEA & MD, Giant Group

“Bangladesh RMG industry is now one of the safest and have the highest green factory in the world. We are going to diversify our products and going to new markets. Many new entrepreneurs are setting up new factories. The government already has a plan to make 100 economic zones within 15 years,” said Faruque Hassan.

He also suggested that entrepreneurs should gain experience before forming their own start-up. It is a good idea to work in companies prior to starting a business.

Syed Ismail, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Archorma Bangladesh said, “The main factor for your success is working hard for the business. You need to give lots of time and hard work and only then you will get your desired success.”

At the end of the seminar, a question and answer session held where Prof. Dr. Abbas Uddin Shiyak, Assistant Professor. The Bangladesh University of Textiles was the moderator.

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