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BUTEX Hult Prize ‘Grand Finale’ knocking at the door

Hult Prize at BUTEX has almost reached their destination completing the Semi-Finals of the On-Campus Round. Arranging lots of sessions, creating many buzzes and last but not least getting so many enthusiastic participants with great innovative ideas, their journey for this year is about to end on December 11.

After completing the “Business Idea Fundamentals: From Abstract Writing to Pitch Deck” workshop from November 1 to 3, Hult Prize at BUTEX has brought a session on the process of writing the abstract idea with Arka Chakraborty, Co-founder & CEO of JUTENUM.

Figure 1: Hult Prize at BUTEX has almost reached their destination completing the Semi-Finals of the On-Campus Round.

This year Hult Prize at BUTEX has launched HULT ASSIST, a messenger bot which can provide necessary information 24/7. Hult Assist can provide information about anything one needs to know about Hult Prize and Hult Prize at BUTEX, all information about events of this year, challenges & winner teams from 2010 to 2020, details about Sessions and so on.

Hult Prize at BUTEX has brought “PowerPoint & Excel Masterclass” session, thinking about its importance in a different case competition. Excel Masterclass was conducted by Mohammed Nazrul Islam Bhuiyan, Head of corporate and SME rating unit, Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited on 20 November and PowerPoint Masterclass was conducted by Rare Al Samir, Founder & CEO of Interactive Cares on 24 November.

The result of the abstract round was out on November 25. Top 21 teams made it to the semi-final from so many great ideas. They had a fantastic judges panel for the abstract round, having Akif Islam, Co-Founder/Producer at Banai; Mohammad Sobhan Chowdhury, Manager at PrimaDollar Bangladesh; Syed Wasim Ul Huda, Co-Founder at JuteX; Fahad Ifaz, Co-Founder & CEO at i-Famer.

An ice-breaking session has been arranged on 2nd November for the convenience of the Semi-Finalists conducted by Mazbahul Islam, Co-Founder of Safewheel, Hult Prize Global Finalist, 2019 and Fahim Shahriar Regional Associate (Asia), Hult Prize Global Team, Hult Prize Foundation.

Figure 2: In Semi-Finals, 21 teams participated with their great innovative ideas.

December 4 was the day of the most awaited Semi-Finals. Everything was arranged virtually. Honorable judges for the Semi-Finals were Zarif Enam, Project Consultant of Field Buzz; Naziba Naila Wafa, Co-founder of Resurgence Bangladesh; Zubaer Bin Alam, Project Executive of Business Development of British American Tobacco; Jannatul Tazreen Alisha, Founder of EDEMO Social Innovation Lab, BRAC;  Sultan ul Arefin Shwapnil, Senior Executive of MGH Group; Akif Islam, Co-Founder/Producer at Banai.

In Semi-Finals, 21 teams participated with their great innovative ideas. There were three pitch rooms. Two teams got selected from each pitch room and the third team from each room was sent to the play-off as said earlier. But in the elevator pitch playoff, there was a tie between two teams. So with the verdict of judges, Hult Prize BUTEX is moving onto the finals with 8 teams.

For them, this virtual arrangement was a wonderful experience. They are arranging a Judges’ Feedback Session with all the semi-finalists. The judges will share their valuable comments and provide insights into the ideas and the teams that will help them work in the future. For the finalists, they will try to provide mentors to guide them.

Honorable Maeen Md. Khairul Akter Sir is now with Hult Prize at BUTEX 2021 as an Advisor. Casper Foundation, Interactive Cares, Bohubrihi, The Business Standard, Textile Today, Bidyanondo Foundation, People’s Radio 91.6 FM, Ahmed Foods are their partners for the event.

Now the Grand Finale is right around the corner, on 11 December. 8 teams will be competing in the finals to qualify for the regional round. Hult Prize BUTEX is expecting to have an exciting Finale.

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