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BUTEX opens a new horizon in textile education

Until early 2012, Bangladesh University of Textiles produced graduates to support production & operations division of 385 yarn manufacturing mills, 721 fabric manufacturing mills, 233 dyeing-printing-finishing units keeping support to the managerial education untouched but from the early 2012 the University creates new type of graduates specialized in Textile Management for the betterment of the whole textile sector. This is a milestone for the history of Bangladesh University of Textiles

In a textile mill, there are many different departments including operations, production, purchasing, accounting, finance, marketing, security, maintenance, commercial, human resource, administration, planning, research & development, etc. In the earlier times, our graduates were specialized in production or operations only but upon releasing of textile management specialists, graduates from Bangladesh University of Textiles will not be limited to grasp the production department rather they will capture the other departments literally including marketing, commercial, human resource, administration, planning, etc.

The textile management graduates are getting flavor of business education in addition to common textile engineering courses like management, marketing, accounting, business & industrial law, finance, market research & product development, entrepreneurship & business project development, economic issues in textile, international marketing, quality management, human resource management, managerial economics, etc. which create the base for overall supervision of the multi-function organization.

Management is a worldwide phenomenon. It is a very trendy and extensively used term. All organizations – business, political, cultural or social are involved in management because it is the field which helps and directs the various efforts towards a definite purpose. For the textile students and professionals, this is imperative to grow their career and enrich the professional knowledge intermingling with management. The engineers will be enchanted taking note that the father of Management, Henri Fayol was a French mining engineer who developed the general theory of business administration and Principles of Management. He was one of the most dominant contributors to modern concepts of management. Management prepares engineers to successfully integrate engineering knowledge while optimizing the use of man, machine, method, market, money, materials, and information.

Textile engineers are the leaders in 85% (approx.) export earning sector of Bangladesh. Managerial acquaintance for these engineers is a must to lead the sector appropriately and grip the global market share.

Managerial knowledge is obligatory to facilitate engineering practitioners to undertake positions of greater managerial responsibility, to advance their careers and to develop core competencies in engineering management. Organized knowledge on management focuses on the need for students to acquire and demonstrate a command of creative, artistic, analytical, systematic and conceptual skills. It challenges the student to analyze, diagnose and execute strategic judgment across all engineering functions.

Considering this scenario, Department of Textile Management & Business Studies is going to start MBA in textiles program. This program is vital for the taking up of the higher level positions in organizational hierarchy.

A recent workshop on 09 June 2012 titled ‘MBA Program Design’ brings out a guideline for beginning MBA program. The program will be evening in nature. Evening Master of Business Administration (Evening MBA) Program in Textiles is a multidisciplinary professional graduate program. The objective of the program is to develop skills and judgments of an individual for effective management of textile business. The emphasis is on the development of a student’s ability to evaluate business and organizational situations in textile sector so as to enable him/her in making informed and creative judgment about policy and operations. Central to this approach is the development of creativity and judgment in students. The Evening MBA Program begins with a sequence of fundamental courses, core courses, and major courses and is followed by a capstone course which provides opportunities for focusing on certain professional disciplines strengthening Textile Business Knowledge. The program will be a 60 credit hour program followed by an internship program & comprehensive examination. The total seats for each intake would be limited to 50 to ensure high quality of the outputs. Initially the program will be offered for the graduates of textile engineering & technology. This program would be a 2 years program. The admission test would be based on English Language and Communication, General Mathematics, and General Aptitude & Knowledge.

For hurling initiatives of textile management and MBA program thanks to Prof. Dr.  Nitai Chandra Sutradhar for his visionary leadership. He could visualize the necessity of opening the textile management and business studies department for creating future leaders of textile sector.

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