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BUTEX students learns business case analysis

The BUTEX (Bangladesh University of Textiles) Business Club has nicely emerged as the platform for every student of the university to enhance their knowledge in business and entrepreneurship. Recently the club has organized a Business Case Competition. The competition not only prepared a bunch of future leaders to excel in analyzing complex business cases but also created huge awareness on business and entrepreneurship related issues.

The program started on 16 March 2017 through a seminar in BUTEX auditorium. Among other Dr. Mohammad Abbas Uddin Shiyak, Principal Engineering Consultant, Reed Consulting Bangladesh Ltd. and Ayman Sadiq, Founder, 10 MINUTE school were present as guest speakers.

Dr. Shiyak said, “Bangladesh has reached a standard position in textiles. The aim of our government by 2021 is to take export to 50 billion USD. It would not be possible if our textile engineering students cannot drive them in business sector. 9am to 5pm water schedule would not be our future corporate life, we should think in different angle. We develop our career as well as our country and eventually become an asset of our country.”

About 128 groups participated in the case competition. After the seminar every group found a business related case to solve.


69 groups submitted the solved case. From them 14 groups were selected for the next round. The final round was held on 4 April in BUTEX auditorium. After a nail biting competition only 3 groups were selected as finalists. The winners of the case competition were The Arbitrators from 39th batch (1st), Pioneers         from 41th batch (2nd) and Quarter from 39th batch (3rd).

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