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BUTEXDC: A journey to rationality and beyond

Debate is a small word with a depth of the sea and establishing a successful debate club with history, glory, and a bright future is an immense effort, to begin with. Since the very beginning of the Bangla debate circuit, the Bangladesh University of Textiles Debating Club (BUTEXDC) struggled with its fate to build up a strong line of debaters.

Early day challenges were perplexing, having a lot of struggle to get a name around the arena, win a trophy, and attract students to join the club while fighting with the heartbreaks of failure.

Figure 1: ‘More than a club’ BUTEXDC family assembled happily at Get Together-2019.

Yes, the journey wasn’t smooth, but one day the sun raised. A team consisting of Redywan Al Hasan, Md Jahangir Alam and Jalal Md Ashfaq hit differently. And finally, the first national trophy came from CUET Tarunno Utshob 2016; a rightful result of a long uphill battle.

Then the trophy swarmed one after another, the struggling club gradually became a hotshot.

Among the achievements, the notable ones are UIU National Debate Fest 2018, TIB Anti-Corruption Inter-University Debate Tournament 2018, Shena Kallyan Shangstha BAUST National 2018, JNUDS National 2018, DOE CUDS Environment Day Inter-University National Debate Championship 2019, Action Aid DUDS National Campaign 2018, 4th RUDF National Debate Championship 2018, PUSTDS National Debate Championship 2020, 9th PUDS National Debate Festival 2022 and so on.

Figure 2: ‘Dawn of Eminence’: team BUTEXDC BUNON consisting Redywan Al Hasan, Md Jahangir Alam & Jalal Md. Ashfaq receiving their first National debate championship at CUET Youth Festival-2016.

Besides the championship trophy, BUTEXDC also achieved many runners-up trophies from the very first time. Some notable Runners-up trophies are BDF RMMRU National debate fest 2019, BDF Youth Fest Debate Championship 2018 & many more. To this date, BUTEXDC managed to grab 20 Championship and 14 Runners-Up trophies including the national and international arenas.

BUTEXDC also participated in TV debates and talk shows. BUTEXDC was the semi-finalist at “Jukti Torke Bangladesh” broadcasted by NEWS 24 and at ‘Debate for Democracy’ produced by UCB BANK which was organized by ATN Bangla.

Figure 3: ‘BUTEXDC BUNON’ receiving silverware of ‘JnUDS National debate festival’ from Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman, the then VC, Jagannath University.

The famous pioneers of this club who participated abovementioned tournaments to represent BUTEXDC as a member of ‘Team BUNON’ helping to put remarkable footsteps in the glorious development of the club are Redwyan Al Hasan Opu, Md. Jahangir Alam, Rafi O’Morshed, Jalal Md Ashfaq, Asif Ibn Rouf, Shakil Ahmed Sagar, Naeem Mahmud Muzahidur Rahman Rumman, Maisha Munira and the list goes on.

BUTEXDC is currently operating under the leadership of the Chief Advisor, Rifat Jahan, Faculty member of DoWPE, Club President Shakil Ahmed Sagar and General Secretary Naeem Mahmud with a full executive committee.

Figure 4: BUTEXDC BUNON consisting of Jalal Md Ashfaq, Shakil Ahmed Sagar & Naeem Mahmud receiving championship trophy of Action-aid DUDS national debate campaign-2018 from Yeafesh Osman, Minister of Science & Technology, Bangladesh and Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury, Deputy Minister of Education at TSC auditorium, Dhaka University.

The English wing of the club is initiated by this executive committee. Muzahidur Rahman Rumman is leading the English branch as the Head of the English Wing. Despite being a neophyte in the International arena, progress and achievements in this sector is alluring. Already this club earned a championship at Elite War- 2020 and Runners-up trophy at BUP Inter-Varsity Debate championship (English) 2021.

Also, this club is regularly participating in international debate tournaments and inching forward. Members of BUTEXDC regularly attend at South Asian University Festival which is organized by Indian University Commission every year.

BUTEXDC’s efforts to develop an enthusiasm for debate and public speaking for students include hosting inter-departmental tournaments, different batch mix-up tournaments, public speaking event hosting, National Day celebration through relevant topic based show debate, Policy Dialogues, workshops by nationally renowned speakers, regular sessions, public speaking competition, TV talk shows participation.

Other than that, they regularly participate in international festivals. BUTEXDC organizes different formats of debate like parliamentary, planchet, teacher-student debate, satire debate, Barowari, etc. But the flagship event, which now has gained the recognition of one of the most eminent Nationals of Bangla Circuit, the BUTEXDC Nationals, is also arranged by the club’s annual shows.

It also publishes a yearly magazine titled ‘BUNON’ during the national festival. Nationally acclaimed writers like Jafar Iqbal and Anisul Haque decorate the magazine with their articles and perspectives.

A group of people dreams and their Herculean efforts to strengthen its legacy, train the recruits as well as create a competitive but lively culture and comfortable environment around its circle resulted in today’s BUTEXDC–a club that vows to spread a progressive mindset among students, break their fear of public speaking and helping them to find adrenaline rush in intellectual battles.

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