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Figure 1: Circular Fashion is bringing back tons of used garments in as new fast fashion products reducing solid waste.

C&A promoting circular fashion to add more good to the world

The concept ‘circular fashion’ was first invented and used in 2014 by Dr. Anna Brismar, Head and Owner of Green Strategy and Felix Ockborn,... Read More
Figure 2: A stack of some Tangail saree

Trend of ‘Tangail Saree’

‘Saree’ has been an indicator of beauty of Bengali women. In any occasion like Eid, Puja, Bengali New Year (Nababrasha) or others, the main... Read More

Hot washes & artsy surfaces- trends of Autumn/Winter 2018/19

Under the title “Hot Washes & Artsy Surfaces”, Brazilian denim specialist VICUNHA TEXTIL has summarised the hottest new trends in washes and effects for... Read More
Back-To-School sales increasing sharply in the US

Back-To-School sales increasing sharply in the US

Consumer habit or behavior is very important in any business as consumers are the life of any business. To be successful in any business... Read More

C&A reveals 2,000+ suppler factories to show transparency in supply chain

C&A, an international Dutch chain of fashion retailer, revealed the details of its more than 2,000 suppliers from 40 sourcing countries aiming to build... Read More

Ins and outs of Nike’s revolutionary flyknit apparel

Leading sportswear brand Nike has used its trademark knitted material to develop a new performance bra, based on the company’s famous Flyknit construction technology, which... Read More

Fashion for Good’s and its new Managing Director

Fashion for Good, a global initiative that aims to re-imagine fashion, is an open and inclusive approach brings together brands, retailers, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and... Read More

‘Signature Denim’ being used as sunglasses

Following a successful product launch, Brazilian denim specialist VICUNHA and English Sunglasses producer MOSEVIC are continuing their cooperation in 2017 under the headline‘Signature Denim’,... Read More
Figure 1: Over the years, Aarong could maintain its unique proposition and remain in the top of the fashion choice of people.

‘Aarong’, Bangladesh’s craft and fashion icon looks forward to go international

The country is moving forward - such an advertisement was broadcasted on TV in the last century. Many people took it only as a... Read More
Figure 1: “Made in Bangladesh” tag inside a jeans of a Walmart brand ‘Faded Glory’.

From ‘Made in Bangladesh’ to ‘Designed in Bangladesh’

A tagline, strapline, slogan whatever we choose to call it, it’s all the same. It’s the key phrase that identifies any business and carries... Read More

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